Caleb Williams, who was born on November 18th, 2002 in Washington, DC, has established himself as a superb football player. While his achievements on the field are notable, knowing his family history, particularly his parents, Carl Williams and Dayne Price, provides a better perspective of his path.

Caleb Williams’ Parents: Who Are They?

Caleb Williams was born on November 18, 2002, in Washington, DC. He is the brightest star on the football globe. Carl Williams and Dayne Price, his parents, have been instrumental in shaping his profession. Carl provides athleticism to the family as a former college football player and co-owner of Athletic Republic Capitol Region. Dayne, on the other hand, has been an unflinching supporter of Caleb since she was an athlete at the University of Maryland.

Caleb Williams

Carl Williams’ Opinion on the NFL Draft

The NFL Draft, although thrilling, has its drawbacks. Carl Williams expressed his concerns about the process in an interview recently, calling it “completely backward.” More intriguingly, he alluded to Caleb returning to the USC Trojans in 2024, throwing doubt on his immediate NFL career.

Caleb Williams NFL Draft in 2024

Caleb’s participation in the 2024 NFL Draft has sparked discussion, particularly given Carl’s statements. Carl’s protective attitude against his son’s early move to the NFL makes many question whether Caleb will just honor his final year at USC.

The Father of Caleb Williams Speaks Out

A GQ interview with Carl Williams fueled the fire even further. Carl underlined his wish for Caleb to make an educated, beneficial decision for his future, emphasizing that his declaration for the 2024 draft isn’t written in stone.

Caleb’s Possibility of Returning to USC

With all of the speculation, Caleb’s return to USC for his senior year does not seem to be out of the question. A move like this would not only allow him to hone his talents, but it would also allow him to work with a reputable coach like Lincoln Riley.

Caleb Williams

Recent Update

While rumors abound, no actual information concerning Caleb’s draft status for 2024 has surfaced. Nonetheless, all eyes are on him as a possible first-round choice.


Caleb Williams‘ football future destiny remains a question, whether he enters the NFL draft or stays at USC. One thing is certain: his parents, Carl Williams and Dayne Price, have provided unflinching support and counsel.

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