In 1996, Mandy Allwood, at 31 years old, surprised the world and made international headlines when she announced her pregnancy. Mandy Allwood and partner Paul Hudson were expecting eight children. However, Octuplets did not survive. After fighting cancer, ‘Octomum’ Mandy Allwood has passed away.
Allwood will be cremated at a service sponsored by her local council in Stratford-upon-Avon. There will be no one from her family in attendance to pay their respects. She will be buried alone.

Allwood never recovered from the loss of her children. Allwood appeared on Oprah and had lunch with Princess Diana after their deaths.

Allwood had generated an outpouring of grief worldwide after her children Kypros, Adam, Martyn, Cassius, Nelson, Donald, Kitali, and Layne died. Allwood appeared on Oprah’s show and had lunch with Princess Diana after her distress. However, She never recovered from the loss of her children. She was plagued with depression. It was difficult for her to bear the tragic loss. She became engulfed in alcoholism . She made at least two attempts at suicide.

She had three children later, but she lost custody of them after being accused of drunk driving. She began taking cabs to buy more alcohol when she lost her driver’s license.

She then suffered a drinking problem. She would wake up and immediately start drinking wine and get estranged from her family. She later ended her relationship with Hudson as well.
According to Ms. Allwood’s friend, “She had been fighting with cancer for a long and had surgery before Christmas but told us later that it had come back,” He added, ” I have no idea what type of cancer it was.”
“She blended in really well and was always up for a chat,” he said of Allwood. “She was a bit eccentric and nutty, but that’s why we loved her. She sometimes spoke about what happened to her, with the eight babies. People would often ask her about it. When we first met, she told us who she was, and she said she had been in magazines in the past, but that was it.”

Beard claimed that many of Allwood’s friends are going to raise a glass to her life tonight. “We are sending some flowers for the small service. The undertaker is sending some, too,” he said. Unfortunately, she won’t have anyone at her funeral. They just say a little prayer and it’s all over in five minutes, I think.”

“She just didn’t have anybody really and I don’t think she was in touch with her family at all. It’s a shame,” Beard added. “The flowers are going to be brought back here and put on the bar and around a dozen of us wi

‘Octomum’ Mandy Allwood is dead at 56

— Daily Mail U.K. (@DailyMailUK) February 4, 2022

ll be raising a glass to her. We wanted to mark it somehow. It only seems right.”

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