Angela Scanlon is a well-known TV presenter who has won hearts with programs such as The One Show and Strictly Come Dancing. Angela Scanlon’s husband, Roy Horgan, a business mogul from County Cork, Ireland, is her rock behind the scenes.

Angela Scanlon and Roy Horgan’s Marriage

Angela Scanlon and Roy Horgan married in a beautiful wedding in Wicklow, Ireland, in June 2014. This was not just a merger of two spirits, but also a blending of their hopes and desires. Angela has stressed Roy’s unwavering support throughout the years, especially with her brisk career, strengthening their friendship.

Angela Scanlon’s Family

The couple’s love tale did not end with their marriage. They are now the proud parents of two wonderful girls, Ruby and Marnie. While their North London home is full of pleasure and laughter, Angela’s rigorous schedule, which includes appearances on programs such as The One Show, keeps her on her toes. Despite the pressures, her family is her first concern.

Roy Horgan

Angela Scanlon’s Recent Childbirth 2022 saw Angela and Roy give birth to their second child, Marnie. It was a special occasion that brought even more love and pleasure to their family. Angela is never shy about thanking Roy for his unfailing aid throughout her postpartum period. He’s been nothing short of a superhero father.

Angela Scanlon’s Work-Life Balance

Angela’s abilities aren’t limited to her professional accomplishments; she also excels at striking a balance between her work obligations and her duty as a mother. Angela finds consolation in knowing that Roy is always there, supporting every move she makes, including Strictly Come Dancing in her current schedule.

Angela Scanlon Husband Roy Horgan

What about Angela Scanlon’s husband? Roy Horgan is a successful business entrepreneur from County Cork, Ireland. While he is not constantly in the limelight, his influence on Angela is unmistakable. Angela constantly expresses her thanks to Roy for being kind and helpful.

Roy Horgan


Roy Horgan, Angela Scanlon’s husband, embodies the spirit of a supportive mate. Their journey since 2014 bears witness to their unwavering love and dedication. While Roy likes to keep out of the spotlight, his unwavering support for Angela and their girls is evident in their joyful family life.

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