After Failing To Sell His Estimated $35 Million Potomac Mansion, Dan Snyder Donated It To The American Cancer Society

Former Washington Commanders owner Dan Snyder was having trouble selling his enormous mansion. So, he came up with a creative solution. After years of trying but failing to sell his Potomac, Maryland mansion, Snyder donated it to the American Cancer Society.

Snyder and his wife, Tanya Snyder, first listed the home for sale in February of last year for $49 million. Later, in 2023, they slashed the price to just under $35 million, but they still failed to find a buyer.

Their real estate misfortune ended up being a pretty good deal for the American Cancer Society, which can count the home as the largest single gift they’ve ever received in their more than a century of existence. Now, it will be up to the ACS to sell the home. The organization’s chief finance and strategy officer, Kael Reicin, says the plan is to list the home once again at $34.9 million and go from there.

Assets like real estate are often bequeathed to charitable organizations, but it’s less common to see them given away to charity while their owners are still alive. But it does have certain tax benefits, so it’s easy to see why the Snyders might have decided to donate rather than continuing to struggle along in the marketplace.

The house itself is a beautiful French Chateau-style abode with five bedrooms and six baths across 25,119 square feet, all on an expansive 13.5-acre lot. And the listing highlights the home’s primo location as well:

“A masterful collaboration between architect John Ike, designer Geoffrey Bradfield & the unparalleled construction of Horizon Builders, the main house sits on a knoll with unobstructed views of the Potomac River and protected parkland on either side.”

Take a look at Dan Snyder’s generous gift to the American Cancer Society for yourself below from the Compass Real Estate YouTube channel:

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