Channing Tatum in Zoe Kravitz's Directorial Debut

Channing Tatum takes on the role of a tech billionaire who lures people to his private island in the trailer for Blink Twice, Zoë Kravitz’s directorial debut.

The lengthy look at the film begins with Tatum’s Slater King announcing amusingly that everyone’s dead and then backtracking to start at the beginning. In the flashback, he introduces his posse of friends to Naomi Ackie’s Frida before inviting her and her friend, Jess, portrayed by Alia Shawkat, to his private island.

“Did we just jet off to a billionaire’s island with a bunch of strangers?” Jess asks Frida, who replies, “No, he’s not a stranger. He’s Slater King.”

Over the course of the trailer, the ladies relish in the luxuries of Slater King’s life, like champagne and amazing food, while Jess jokes that there will be human sacrifice. As more time goes by, the guests begin to slowly lose their memories and get the vibe that something’s off.

“I’m having a great time here, but I also have this feeling that I’m like not,” Adria Arjona’s Sarah says, with Simon Rex’s Cody echoing that sentiment. “There’s something weird going on here.”

Haley Joel Osment, Christian Slater, Kyle MacLachlan and Geena Davis round out the cast of Blink Twice, which was previously titled Pussy Island. Kravitz and Tatum produced the film, alongside Bruce Cohen, Tiffany Persons and Garret Levitz.

Kravitz previously opened up about casting Tatum in the sinister lead role, noting she liked that he hadn’t really done dark roles before.

“Looking at his work and hearing him speak about Magic Mike and the live show, I’m like, ‘I think he’s a feminist,’” she said. “You need to be so far from who this is, where it’s not scary. And I don’t think we’ve ever seen him play someone dark. I’m excited to see him do that.”

Following their work on the film together, Kravitz and Tatum were rumored to be romantically linked and have since made their relationship public and gotten engaged.

Blink Twice hits theaters on Aug. 23.

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