We all know what getting pregnant entails, but Alexa PenaVega might have overshared a bit during an interview with Fit Pregnancy while she and Carlos PenaVega were expecting their first kid. “Sex became so much more intimate, beautiful, and passionate when we were trying. Suddenly the realization hits you: ‘Oh my God, we could be starting another life!’ That brought us so much closer,” Alexa revealed (via Page Six). She also shared that the first two trimesters were hard on her body and Carlos was itching to get her back in the bedroom. “I felt so bad for him because between the puking and exhaustion, I was just done,” she said. “Carlos kept saying, ‘I can’t wait for that horny state to kick in.’ He hasn’t read any of the books, but he knew about the horny state.”

When sharing about what he hoped their first child would be like, Carlos told Entertainment Tonight, “Hopefully it doesn’t fart, because I have that talent. I’m just putting it out there because that’s what Alexa tells me I can’t teach the baby.” It seems Alexa isn’t the only oversharer in the relationship!

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