Biggest Loser trainer Erica Lugo is showing off her fitness transformation in her latest Instagram post. Lugo is preparing for a fitness competition, and by the looks of her post, she’s definitely ready! 

Lugo: ‘I Already Won’

With the competition just days away, Lugo shared before and after pictures of herself, saying that she’s lost almost 30 pounds and more than 5% of her body fat. “Going into peak week ready,” she captioned her post. “Don’t care if I win, honestly. As cliche as it sounds. I already won. Ya I know. Cliche. But I’ve learned so much about myself. What I’m capable of. I’ve made connections with people and myself because of this process.” 

This is the Biggest Loser star’s first time competing; she made the decision to enter in August. “Working in the industry I’ve heard not so great things about the world of competing. However I’ve also heard amazing things about competing,” Lugo wrote in an Instagram post declaring her intent to compete.  She also said that she would do it “the right way,” with the help of doctors, trainers, and a therapist who would help her make sure she was going through the process in a healthy and safe way. 

Lugo has been documenting her training journey on Instagram for months, giving her followers a behind-the-scenes look at what it takes to prepare for a competition like this. The fitness guru has been cutting out carbs, working out daily, and getting her body ready to perform. 

“For my first show and a shorter prep time for my first show I’m happy with what I’m bringing to the table,” she continued in her Insta post. “Was I perfect? Nope. Actually hell no. But I wouldn’t change a thing. Shockingly I’m more impressed with my mental change and perseverance vs any damn physical change.”

Lugo’s Fitness Journey

This isn’t the first time Lugo has gone through a major fitness change. Six years ago, she weighed 322 lbs. After deciding to make a change and live differently, Lugo lost 160 lbs. and became a fitness trainer. After working at her own studio, she then made the move to Biggest Loser, helping others get in shape. 

In an interview with People, Lugo shared that she finds it easy to forge personal connections with the contestants. “They just trust me because I was there,” she said. “I know when they’re crying during a burpee, I’ve been there. I’ve cried the same tears.”

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