'Aggressive' shark caught on video ramming into jet skiers off Florida Panhandle

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Amid a string of shark attacks in Florida’s panhandle, a jet skier had a close encounter with an “aggressive” bull shark while off the coast.

A viral social media video, posted by local mortgage broker Andrew Cady, showed the slippery bull shark encircling the pair of jet skiers who were enjoying the crystal clear waters of Grayton Beach in Walton County, Florida.

Cady said that he and his son were jet skiing together when they spotted the bull shark, who rammed into their personal watercraft “multiple times.”

“Aggressive bull shark off the coast of Grayton Beach rams my Jet Ski multiple times,” he said.


Jet ski and shark

Andrew Cady captured an “aggressive” bull shark circling his jet ski multiple times off the Florida Panhandle.  (Ark Media)

In the viral video, the bull shark is seen swimming alongside the watercraft before heading directly toward it, bumping into it before sharply turning around.

At the end of the video, the shark jumps out of the water.

Bull shark

The bull shark was seen ramming into the jet skiers during. (Ark Media)

Cady said that the whole experience was a bit “unnerving” — coming just days after three people were bitten by sharks in the same Florida county.


“It is a little unnerving to see that aggressive [of] a bull shark within a few days of having three people attacked in a single day,” Cady told “Inside Edition.” “It literally launched itself out of the water towards the back end of my jet ski.”

A lemon shark swims

There have been a handful of incidents involving humans and sharks this spring in Florida. (Joseph Prezioso/AFP via Getty Images/File)

On June 7, three Walton County beachgoers were injured in back-to-back shark attacks.

Walton County Sheriff’s Office said that the successive attacks occurred just four miles apart and within 90 minutes of each other.

“We experienced two separate incidents earlier this afternoon in relative proximity to one another, about four miles apart and within an hour and a half from one another,” South Walton Fire District Fire Chief Ryan Crawford said.

Bull shark swimming in water

There were approximately 70 to 80 unprovoked shark bites each year worldwide over the past decade, with only 57 unprovoked bites in 2022. (Getty Images)

A 45-year-old woman was attacked by a shark while swimming just beyond a sandbar with her husband.

She received “significant trauma to the midsection and pelvic area and amputation of her left lower arm,” Crawford said.

The South Walton Fire District transported the victim by helicopter to a nearby trauma hospital. Authorities said she was in “critical condition.”

A second shark accident at Seacrest Creek beach critically injured one female teenager and injured a second female teen.


Crawford said that, similarly to the first attack, the victims were swimming by a sandbar in waist-deep water before they were attacked.

“Victim one received significant injuries to one lower and one upper extremity,” Crawford said. “Both [bites] required the application of tourniquets.” 

She was airlifted to a trauma center in Pensacola, Florida, authorities said. She remains in “critical condition,” authorities said.

Inlet beach

A sand path to the beach at Fort Pierce Inlet State Park. (Jeffrey Greenberg/Universal Images Group via Getty Images)

The second victim received flash wounds to her foot, and was taken by ambulance in stable condition, Crawford said.

Following the successive shark attacks, Walton County closed several miles of Gulf of Mexico waters.


With 26 miles of stunning beaches, Walton County is on the northwest Florida Panhandle along the Gulf of Mexico.

Popular beaches in Walton County include: Seagrove, Rosemary, Santa Rosa, Grayton Beach State Park, Inlet beach, Blue Mountain, Miramar, and others.

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