Chris Rufo: Street protests give the regime an excuse to censor you

America’s most powerful institutions have been infiltrated: wokeism, cultural Marxism, anti-Americanism — the names are legion.

From public schools indoctrinating students with critical race theory and the LGBT agenda and public universities offering affinity celebrations to graduates identifying with a protected minority group to hospitals “transgendering” minors, many Americans feel shell-shocked.

Christopher Rufo, conservative activist and senior fellow of the Manhattan Institute, joined James Poulos to discuss how to push back.

In the past couple of years, Rufo’s activism against critical race theory, radical gender ideology, and DEI has earned him a mantle of authority on openly fighting the revolutionaries — and winning. Lately, he discovered that doctors at Texas Children’s Hospital’s sex-change program for minors committed Medicaid fraud. And in the recent past, he helped pass laws to ban DEI offices at publicly funded schools across America, including Texas’ SB17.

He asserts that conservatives should avoid “any kind of street-based protests” since “street disorder justifies censorship.” For the right, Rufo argues, “public demonstrations are too high-risk. There’s very little upside, and there’s an enormous downside.”

Rufo doesn’t believe all protests are created equal, however. “If you want to protest, if you want to voice your concerns in a public forum, make sure you’re doing it in a way that is unimpeachable,” he said.

“Do it within the constraints or within the structures of legitimate, democratic, above-board functions like school boards.”

To hear more of what Christopher Rufo had to say about DEI, the state of American universities, big tech, Trump, and more, watch the full episode of “Zero Hour with James Poulos.”

America was convinced tech would complete our mastery of the world. Instead, we got catastrophe — constant crises from politics and the economy down to the spiritual fiber of our being. Time’s up for the era we grew up in. How do we pick ourselves up and begin again? To find out, visionary author and media theorist James Poulos cracks open the minds — and hearts — of today’s top figures in politics, tech, ideas, and culture on “Zero Hour” on BlazeTV.

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