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“Christina on the Coast” star Christina Hall

While promoting the new season of her popular HGTV show “Christina on the Coast,” premiering on July 11, 2024, Christina Hall made an interesting admission, telling Us Weekly that her on-screen persona is different than who she is in her “day-to-day” life.

Christina, who turned 41 on July 9, said that the differences are especially obvious to her as she incorporates her husband, Josh Hall, into her shows. She told Us Weekly that when she says or does things just to help an episode’s storyline, compared to how she might handle things typically, it can be confusing for someone who hasn’t worked in TV as much as she has.

Christina Hall Says She’s ‘Used to Being the Boss of Everything’

Christina first rose to fame on “Flip or Flop” co-starring her first husband, Tarek El Moussa, with whom she shares daughter Taylor, 13, and son Brayden, 8. After they finalized their divorce in 2018, she and Tarek began filming separate shows and seeing new people. Christina included her second husband, TV personality Ant Anstead, and their young son Hudson, who’s now four, in early episodes of “Christina on the Coast” before their 2021 divorce.

Josh, a former police officer, now appears periodically on “Christina on the Coast” and more frequently on her Tennessee-based series, “Christina in the Country.” They also launched their own production company in 2023 to produce a variety of TV shows, per Deadline.

But because Josh doesn’t have the same amount of TV experience she does, Christina told Us Weekly that working together on-camera can be “challenging,” especially because she doesn’t fully act like herself while filming.

“I’m just so used to doing it and, like, I just have a very, kind of, go with the flow dynamic on camera,” Christina told the outlet. “I don’t take things too seriously (on the shows) and I feel like — this is something that I really talk to Josh about a lot — is like, who I am, like, day-to-day is different than who I am on camera.”

“Bickering on camera is not necessarily full reality,” she added, noting that what might make the show more interesting isn’t always an accurate representation of their life or relationship. “It’s like a character. So, there’s just so much conversation and dynamics and things that have to be talked about on and off-camera.”

“I mean, it is challenging to work with your spouse,” Christina admitted, “especially if they’re not used to being on TV.”

In addition, she told Us Weekly that incorporating her husband into design decisions is also tough sometimes.

“I’m used to being the boss of everything, especially when it comes to design,” she said, adding that she’s trying to get better at bouncing ideas around with Josh rather than forging full-steam ahead on her own.

“So it’s just like, this is a whole new dynamic for us and it’s gonna be interesting how it plays out,” she told the magazine.

Christina Hall Admits She’s ‘a Little Bit Nervous’ About New Show With Ex-Husband Tarek El Moussa

If Christina thinks it’s “challenging” working with one spouse on a TV show, it will be interesting to see how she handles two. She and Josh have just begun filming “The Flip-Off,” a new series in which they’ll go up against her ex-husband, Tarek, and his wife of nearly three years, Heather Rae El Moussa, in a house flipping competition.

Both couples have filmed tongue-in-cheek promos for the 2025 show, including spots in which Christina and Heather poke fun of critics who say Tarek married Heather’s “twin,” but they haven’t started filming the show together, per Us Weekly.

Acknowledging it could be a bit chaotic, Christina told E! News, “I think that there’s a lot of big personalities here. I mean, not think, I know there’s a lot of personalities, there’s a lot of dynamics. So it’s gonna be really interesting. I’m honestly a little bit nervous. But it should be fun.”

Christina told E! News that her and Tarek’s kids “don’t necessarily super care” about the premise of the show, but that middle schooler Taylor had one request as they begin filming.

Christina laughed, “My daughter is just like, ‘Mom, don’t do any cringe videos. Do not dance. Please stop doing this.’”

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