Did the NFL RIG games for Taylor Swift ratings?

Former Super Bowl champion Derek Wolfe knows a thing or two about the NFL — and he’s fairly certain that there’s something seriously sketchy going on within the league.

“My rookie year, which was 2012, we had Peyton Manning, we lost to the Baltimore Ravens in the playoffs,” Wolfe tells Alex Stein of “Prime Time with Alex Stein.”

“The way they were able to kind of get the score tight again, was all these calls that the refs were making, these pass interference calls that can be called both ways at any time pretty much. There’s a penalty on every play. So, it all depends on when the ref wants to call it,” Wolfe explains.

The NFL is a business at the end of the day, and Wolfe believes that part of their strategy is “who’s going to bring the most money” and “the story.”

The story this year was a love story: Travis Kelce and Taylor Swift.

“The Chiefs weren’t that great of a team. They lost to the Broncos this year in a game, so they weren’t at their best. They played really good football in the playoffs, but a lot of things were going their way,” Wolfe says.

“The X factor there is the Swifties, and they’re bringing an entire new market into the NFL,” he continues. “People that would never watch football are now gonna watch football, and they’re getting the ratings because where the money comes from is the ratings.”

While many people assume the NFL’s money comes from ticket sales, they couldn’t be more wrong.

“What pays our salary is the TV deals,” Wolfe says.

“Have you felt that there was a game particularly that you remember that was just totally robbed from you?” Stein asks, intrigued.

“It’s that 2012 playoff game,” Wolfe answers, telling Stein that he believes the game was rigged in order for Ray Lewis “to go out as a champion.”

“That’s a bold statement, Cotton,” Stein says in amazement, adding, “I love to hear it, because people think it’s real. But it’s sports entertainment.”

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