Donations to Biden campaign are imploding, sources tell NBC News: 'The money has absolutely shut off'

An NBC News report cited several sources close to the Biden re-election campaign saying that campaign donations had imploded since the disastrous presidential debate.

The sources close to the campaign said that it had already faced a downturn in donations, but it has worsened into a crisis after President Joe Biden flailed and bumbled through the CNN debate with former President Donald Trump.

‘Donors are negative… I don’t think they buy it.’

“It’s already disastrous,” said one source.

“It’s already disastrous,” said another source.

Two of the sources said that donations from major donors were trending toward being cut in half for July, or even more.

“Donors are negative. They had a call with the president. The call seemed so contrived to people; I don’t think they buy it,” said a source about a national fundraising call by Biden with donors.

“They called on people who were the most loyal, die-hard,” the source continued. “There were no tough questions for the president.”

The sources said that donations did pick up after the debate but then plummeted very soon afterward.

‘We’ll do it without them.’

Biden campaign spokesperson Lauren Hitt tried to deny the report.

“That’s not accurate,” she said.

“On grassroots fundraising, the first seven days of July were the best start to the month on the campaign — and many of those were first-time donors,” Hitt added. “On the high-dollar side, we’ve had folks max out since the debate, as well.”

However, the report noted that Hitt would not release the number of people who had maxed out their donations after the debate.

Sources said that the campaign believed donors who abandoned the campaign would return just to keep Trump out of the White House, and if they didn’t, the campaign was prepared to push forward without them.

“If major donors don’t come along, we’ll do it without them,” is how the campaign is characterized by the sources.

‘I don’t know what f***ing movie is playing.’

Donors are also finding it difficult to reach out to their networks because of doubts that Biden will stay in the race.

“You can’t reach out to someone, because someone could say, ‘Geez, I didn’t know, he has dementia,’” said a top bundler to NBC News. “Right now, it’s like someone asks, ‘You want to go see a movie?’ And in this case I’m saying, ‘I don’t know what f***ing movie is playing.'”

On the other side of the aisle, the Trump campaign reported that its donation website had crashed due to overwhelming demand after Trump was found guilty of 34 charges related to a hush payment made to adult film worker Stormy Daniels.

Later, it said it had garnered more than $53 million in the 24 hours after the guilty verdict.

In July, the Trump campaign reported $331 million in donations in the second quarter while the Biden campaign reported only $264 million in donations.

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