Driver whose car struck pedestrians in South Korea will face accidental homicide investigation

SEOUL, South Korea (AP) — A driver whose car struck pedestrians waiting at a crowded intersection in South Korea’s capital, killing nine people, will be investigated on allegations of accidental homicide, police said Tuesday.

The car hit several people Monday night in central Seoul, after reportedly going in the wrong direction and colliding with two other cars. Six other people were injured, including the driver who was detained.

The driver told investigators that his car accelerated abruptly and unintentionally, reported South Korean media.

Senior police officer Jung Yong Woo told local reporters the suspect’s car would be sent to the country’s forensic agency for an examination. Authorities are considering whether to seek a formal arrest warrant for the driver, Jung said.

Officials said Tuesday that tests showed the driver wasn’t under the influence of alcohol or drugs. The suspect has been hospitalized but authorities refused to disclose his identity and contact information, citing privacy regulations. South Korean media said he was a bus driver in his late 60s from Ansan, a city just south of Seoul, with 40 years of driving experience.

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