'Empty suit Anti-Semite': Rep. Cori Bush's team duped by a fake anti-Israel X account

The New York Post reported that a parody social media account called “Chief Rabbi of Gaza Linda Goldstein” has fooled another squad member, this time pro-Palestinian Rep. Cori Bush.

The development came after Bush’s reelection campaign considered a fundraiser with “Rabbi Linda Goldstein,” which is a fake X account that deliberately posts anti-Israel sentiments to draw in those too ready to condemn the Jewish state.

The report noted that the fake social media account had previously fooled Bush’s ally Rep. Jamaal Bowman. The fake account reached out to Team Bush late last month, hoping to pitch a fundraising idea.

‘Cori Bush is the perfect example of an ’empty suit’ antisemite.– completely clueless about how the Israel-Palestine conflict works.’

The fake account reached out to Ronika Moody, who is Bush’s finance and engagement director, writing via email: “I’ve been bouncing around different cities since my congregation was displaced from Gaza after Israel’s invasion on October 7.”

“Also – would [Bush] travel to the Gaza border for the fundraiser? The optics could be incredible!”

Moody appeared to endorse Goldstein’s idea, writing back on June 27: “Cori is interested in hosting in Gaza and it’s something she has been trying to plan. Unfortunately, we have not been successful with that opportunity as of yet.”

Moody went on to ask: “Theme [of the fundraiser] is Gaza?”

Goldstein has made absurd claims on social media in the past, such as the claim that she had used a menorah made of missiles and dug terror tunnels into universities across the U.S. But this did not seem to register with Bush’s campaign. Goldstein told Moody via email that the theme of the fundraiser could be “the theme” of intifada, according to the report.

“The topics are built around finding a final solution to the problem of Zionism,” added Goldstein. Bush’s campaign did not respond to the email.

“Cori Bush is the perfect example of an ’empty suit’ antisemite.– completely clueless about how the Israel-Palestine conflict works, but eager to speak up because it gives her cover to publicly hate Jews,” said the man behind the parody account. He is a pro-Israel lawyer whose first name is Michael. He did not provide his last name, according to Fox News Digital.

However, the email exchange did not go unnoticed by a legitimate rabbi who lives in Bush’s district. He said the Democratic politician should know better.

“Cori has not done her homework about anything to do with Israel and Palestine, and it’s very sad,” Rabbi Susan Talve, who is the rabbi who founded the Central Reform Congregation.

Fox News Digital reached out to the Bush campaign for comment but did not immediately hear back.

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