Family of five tortured during home invasion in North Carolina, including children, police say

A neighborhood in North Carolina is terrified after police said that a family of five was tortured by home invaders for over an hour.

The Harnett County Sheriff’s Office said in a press release that the five people were sitting in their garage in Spout Springs with the garage door up when they were confronted by a group of men at about 2 a.m. on June 15.

‘They just started sticking it to the body.’

The five victims included a father, a mother, their daughter, and the daughter’s friend. The fifth victim was not identified.

“The victims were forced into the residence where they were assaulted,” said the statement.

Police said the group, which could have numbered up to six men, tied up the victims with duct tape and began torturing them with heated metal.

“They put a knife and fork on top of the stove and heated it up and they just started sticking it to the body,” said Harnett County Sheriff Wayne Coats. “They were trying to get them to tell them where their money and guns were.”

The father, mother, and daughter were treated for their non-life threatening injuries at UNC-Chapel Hill.

The suspects were able to steal some personal possessions and also two of the family’s cars. Police said they escaped in either a gray or silver Dodge Challenger with black rims.

The family set up a GoFundMe donation account to help them pay for health care costs and to replace what was stolen:

My sister’s home was burglarized by masked intruders who also physically harmed her and my brother-in-law, including their young children. The entire house was ransacked and several personal belongings were taken. My sister and her family unit are suffering physically, emotionally and mentally. Our extended family and close friends are devastated. Their home was vandalized and their peace of mind and safety will never feel the same.

Jeffery Miller, a resident of the neighborhood, said that the incident has terrorized their neighbors.

“Yesterday I had security installed,” he said. “I thought I was the security, but now I need to have a camera.”

Police are asking for help from the public to identify the suspects.

“Due to the violent nature of this incident we ask that you please share this information,” police said.

Harnett County is located in the center of North Carolina and includes about 141k residents.

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