Glenn Beck: 'I worry about the next 8 months'

On “Zero Hour,” Glenn Beck shared his thoughts on the state of the world with James Poulos, explaining why people are right to feel upset with the ruling class.

Even though people are fed up with the elite ruling class, he says, today’s elites “are so arrogant and have AI at their side that they think that they can topple [the country] and create a Utopia — and I think they’re all in.”

2024 promises to be a pivotal year in politics across the world, from the EU parliamentary elections to the U.K. general election and the Trump vs. Biden rematch. People are upset with ruling elites and long for change. Will populist sentiment triumph, or will the establishment prevail?

So far, it seems like voters are ready for change. In the EU elections, the populist right won big. In France, voters have abandoned the political center, signaling the desire for a hard right-wing or a hard left-wing government. And in the U.K., center-right Tory PM Rishi Sunak faces embarrassing defeat, indicating the decline of centrist, liberal conservatism.

Yet despite Biden’s plunging poll numbers and farmer uprisings across Europe, politicians refuse to change.

“Never have I ever seen in a political cycle people saying ow, that hurts, and the politicians say oh good, want some more? You don’t do that,” said Beck. “It makes no sense.”

Poulos agreed. “For a lot of Americans, it’s cognitive dissonance because on the one hand, we’ve got a government that’s totally out of control, that’s globalized itself, that is trampling the Constitution using technology as a weapon against its own people. But on the world stage, it seems like we’ve never been weaker.”

To hear more of what Glenn Beck has to say about the future of America, Big Tech, foreign affairs, Elon Musk, and more, watch the full episode of “Zero Hour with James Poulos.”

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