Hoda Kotb Reveals Moving Into a New Home Has Been Delayed

Just when it looked like Hoda Kotb and her daughters, Haley and Hope, were all set to move into their new home, things hit a snag.

The Today host revealed the move was delayed so that workers could finish getting the house ready for move-in.

“I think they’re feeling good. We haven’t done it yet. They’re still painting something,” she told People in an interview published on July 10. “So I think when that’s done, we’ll get in there. I think they’re excited.”

The “Making Space” podcast host pointed out why she thinks moving will be “good” for her kids, whom she shares with ex-fiancé Joel Schiffman.

“I think change is good for kids. I feel like another thing I learned from the podcast is the more people kind of re-pot, they pick themselves up by their roots and go back to another … They just get stronger,” she reflected. “It’s still scary when you’re in the air and your roots are dangling, but once you get planted in some really rich soil, you’re strong again. So I feel like the more you do, the better you are.”

The news came just after Hoda, 59, announced that she and her girls were ready to move into their new home on June 3.

“I literally was sitting at my desk this morning, where I sit every single morning. I light a candle, I have my journal, I do my stuff. And I thought to myself, ‘This is the last Monday I’ll be sitting at this desk,’ ‘cause we’re moving this week,” she said during a chat with cohost Jenna Bush Hager on Today With Hoda & Jenna.

Hoda Kotb Update on Moving
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For her, leaving the home that she raised the girls in was bittersweet, but she’s looking forward to creating new memories with them in the new place.

“I remember them trying to crawl up the stairs and I remember, now, how they race up and down,” she told viewers of the candid memories. “And I was thinking about the very first time we brought them home and carried them up those stairs in that car seat and placed them in a little thing and all the things that happened there. And I was looking through old videos of them, when they were so little, and it’s like you want to hold onto things and you want to let go.”

It is not yet clear if Hoda plans to sell her apartment in New York City or her home on Long Island in this new phase of her life. During an episode of her “Making Space” podcast in March, Hoda revealed that she planned on moving with Haley, 7, and Hope, 4, which made her think back to her childhood.

“I was thinking about moving. My kids and I are going to move somewhere to a new school, and I was reflecting on my life and how many times we moved when I was a kid,” she told her guest, author Arthur Brooks. “And I remember once my parents moved us to Nigeria, I was in fourth grade, I was horrified. Like, we get to this place, the language was different, everybody seemed different and it was hard. I moved again in sixth grade.”

“It’s so funny because the stories I tell now as an adult, are the stories of how I endured or what I did to cope,” the Hope Is a Rainbow author added. “Yet at the same time, as I’m preparing my kids, I feel like I’m trying to protect them from things that they should probably be into.”

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