How young Kenyans are calling for change | Politics

We explore what made Kenyans get up from behind their screens and out into the streets to rise up against the political elite.

Images of Gen Z confronting Kenyan police armed with tear gas, water cannon and live rounds have dominated headlines in recent weeks. What began as a social media movement opposing a proposed finance bill has escalated into fatal antigovernment demonstrations nationwide. Despite President William Ruto withdrawing the bill in response to the fervor of the protests, Kenya’s economic challenges, coupled with a sizable educated youth demographic facing scarce job prospects, persistently fuel discontent against the political establishment. It seems the country’s youth movement is just getting started.

Presenter: Anelise Borges

Brian Obra – film director
Boniface Mwangi – activist
Wanjira Wanjiru – Mathare Social Justice Centre co-founder
Kasmuel Mcoure – activist

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