A DRIVER has claimed they get fined for parking in their own driveway and suffered several tickets traveling to school.

The frustrated student took to social media to call out the school and local officials for the fines that they feel are unfounded.

A TikToker and college student claimed they pay $25 daily parking fees to go to their university


A TikToker and college student claimed they pay $25 daily parking fees to go to their universityCredit: TikTok/ liviluv123
They also allegedly got a ticket for parking on their own driveway


They also allegedly got a ticket for parking on their own drivewayCredit: TikTok/ liviluv123

“How tf this make sense,” wrote TikToker Olivia (@liviluv123) in the caption for a recent video explaining the situation with her car.

Olivia claimed in the clip that she pays $55,000 for tuition per year to attend the unnamed university and consistently has to pay for parking on top of the hefty costs.

“Pays 55k a year to attend school,” she wrote in an on-screen caption while sipping a Starbucks iced latte in her vehicle.

The influencer then quickly looked at the camera in disbelief.

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“Has to pay to park my car every time I drive to class,” Olivia said.

She allegedly pays at least $25 in parking tickets every week after traveling to and from school.

It’s unclear whether the supposed fines are from parking in incorrect areas or if the student had to pay for daily parking rates consistently.

Either way, several viewers of Olivia’s clip echoed similar frustrations, claiming that some colleges try to get extra cash out of their students with parking violations.

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“Parking services really get off on giving tickets to broke college students,” one person said.

“This literally happened to me yesterday,” another noted.

A third added: “HAHAH I swear to god parking is the biggest scam of all time.”

On top of the fees, Olivia also claimed she’d been fined for parking in her own driveway, a curious expense that could’ve been the cause of several local bylaws.

As The U.S. Sun previously reported, several drivers in a neighborhood in Albuquerque, New Mexico, suffered fines for cars parked in their own driveways this month.

Local resident Jeromey Hoover explained to Albuquerque CBS affiliate KRQE that his and his neighbors’ pick-up trucks and SUVs are larger than models from previous years.

That leads the cars to block sidewalk space when parked in shorter driveways.

“I park my truck in the garage every time, and it just barely fits in the garage,” Hoover told the outlet.

“There’s hardly any room for our vehicles as it is.”

He also argued that even mid-sized sedans are talking up sidewalk space, meaning there could be a flaw in the designs of the driveways themselves in the neighborhood.

Either way, the residents face $30 fines for each violation.

So far, 113 citations have been issued.

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For more related content, check out The U.S. Sun’s coverage of why one driver was seemingly hit with two parking tickets in one week.

The U.S. Sun also has the story of a person who got ticketed while they were picking up a parking pass.

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