A BODY coach has been left cringing with embarrassment after a visit to the gym.

There was no disguising the awkward event and people were staring at her.

TikTok user Kiara had an embarrassing moment at the gym


TikTok user Kiara had an embarrassing moment at the gymCredit: TikTok/kiarajm__
A moment of flatulence got the better of her


A moment of flatulence got the better of herCredit: TikTok/kiarajm__

It got so bad that this gym fan decided there was only one thing for it and fled.

Her video has spread like a bad smell, attracting over 449,000 likes and thousands upon thousands of comments.

Kiara’s (@kiarajm__) mortification was clearly felt by many.

She was not the first to experience unwelcome flatulence at the gym and was unlikely to be the last.

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“If you work out it’s happened to you before too,” was a helpful and comforting comment from one fan.

But for Kiara, the pain was very real: “I just got so embarrassed at the gym I had to leave.”

She explained her stinky drama: “So basically I was working on my upper body today and I decided to do abs.

“I’m laying down [when] out of nowhere, I came back up and I fart, so f**king loud.”

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It was, she figured, a pretty epic one: “It sounded like I sh*tted myself it was so loud.”

There was no getting away from it for poor Kiara.

“There was this man next to me working out.

“So after I fire, I’m looking around, ‘Who heard that?’ because I definitely just heard it with my music blasting in my headphones.

“I heard it so loud and clear I wouldn’t be surprised if the whole gym heard that sh*t.”

If the sound effects were not enough, she – and the gym – was about to be hit by something else.

“There were people staring at me but not only that, that sh*t stank.

“I’m lying there embarrassed, and I f••king start to smell it.”

She could take no more, her humiliation was complete: “I’m like, oh my God. I’m leaving. I was literally shook, bro.”

Commenters sympathized with her.

“Happens to me all the time and people don’t judge,” was the reasoned reaction from one.

“Omg, I knew you were going to say that. [It] happened to me too. I laugh about it now but I wanted to cry when it happened,” said another person.

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She was not alone in incidents of flatulence when working out according to this amused woman.

“That happened to me in Pilates class. I couldn’t stop laughing.”

Her pain was felt by many


Her pain was felt by manyCredit: TikTok/kiarajm__

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