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Jennifer Lopez.

Jennifer Lopez wants financial “revenge” and is “out for blood” against her husband Ben Affleck because she believes he gave up on the marriage and “abandoned” her after she footed a lot of the bill for their lifestyle, a July 9 report by Radar Online says.

Radar Online reported, via an anonymous source, that Lopez “picked up most of the tab” for the couple’s “A-list lifestyle” and is now “out for blood.”

“One of the little-known secrets is Jennifer paid for much of their marital expenses and now she feels he owes her,” a source told Radar Online. “She’s adding up all those private jet bills she puts on her plastic, the hotels, and meals, clothes, coffee runs, gas. The high cost of living was done on her dime. She paid the lion’s share for that $60 million mansion they bought, too.”

The source told Radar Online that Lopez believes Affleck is the one who bailed on the marriage.

“She isn’t the one who gave up on their marriage and she’s feeling seriously burned and is out for blood,” the source told Radar Online. “If he had stayed in the marriage like a good boy, she wouldn’t have minded. But he abandoned her and ultimately, Jennifer always gets payback and now she’s ready to play hardball.”

Jennifer Lopez Believes Ben Affleck ‘Took So Much Money Out of Her,’ the Report Says

Ben Affleck and Jennifer Lopez.

Getty ImagesJennifer Lopez and Ben Affleck unlikely to reconcile.

The source added to Radar Online: “Ben took so much money out of her, at least that’s what she’s saying.”

The source told the site that Lopez wants a full accounting of the couple’s expenditures.

“She’s demanding a full inventory of what she spent versus what he spent and wants all the money back she ‘invested,’” the source told Radar Online.

Lopez and Affleck have not confirmed that they intend to divorce. However, they have also done little to quell the constant headlines about it. In early June, TMZ reported that Lopez and Affleck are selling their marital mansion, and he has moved into a rental property in Brentwood, California, that is closer to the three kids he shares with actress ex-wife Jennifer Garner.

Jennifer Lopez & Ben Affleck Have Very Different Views of Public Attention, Lopez’s Documentary Exposed

jennifer lopez

GettyJennifer Lopez and Ben Affleck.

In her documentary, “The Greatest Love Story Never Told,” both Lopez and Affleck discussed a key area of incompatibility between them. They have different views about public attention.

In the documentary, Affleck made it clear that Lopez doesn’t mind the public scrutiny of their relationship as much as he does, and he said that he prefers keeping his private life private. He said he was trying to learn how to “compromise” on that point, though.

However, Lopez ended up making a movie about her relationships, a documentary on the movie, and she was set to go on a tour to promote it all, but she ended up canceling the tour, according to her website. Not long after the documentary first streamed on Amazon, the couple stopped attending public events together, such as the Met Gala, News Nation reported.

Lopez then embarked on a series of summer vacations without Affleck, in Italy, France, and the Hamptons, according to her Instagram page.

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