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Kelly Osbourne’s brother accidentally shot her with a pellet gun in 1995.

Season 9 “Dancing With the Stars” alum Kelly Osbourne almost died when her brother, Jack Osbourne, shot her with a pellet gun when they were younger.

“You shot me! You shot me and I almost died,” Kelly Osbourne said on an April 2024 episode of “The Osbournes” podcast. The incident happened back in 1995 when Ozzy Osbourne was in New York filming “The Jerky Boys.”

“It went straight through my leg and out the other side,” she recalled. When her father asked if it hurt, Kelly Osbourne said it did. “It felt like someone putting a hot poker through my leg really fast. It kinda burnt a bit, I remember,” she explained.

The incident happened years ago and was a complete “accident,” according to Jack Osbourne, who also competed on DWTS. “But listen, my fault as the guy operating the firearm –– wasn’t technically –– the air rifle, and your fault for running in front of me while I was shooting,” he said.

Here’s what you need to know:

Kelly Osbourne Recalled Her Hospital Experience

Kelly Osbourne had to go to the hospital after the incident, which was an even more painful experience.

“Their X-ray machine wasn’t working. So they got this long Q-tip and wrapped it in gauze. And dipped it in iodine and poked it through the hole to make sure that there was no bits,” she explained on the podcast.

Some fans took to Reddit to empathize with Kelly Osbourne, sharing their experiences with pellet guns.

“OMFG okay she’s just playing but yall I was shot with a pellet gun by a stranger because I was talking through their neighborhood one day and…it hurt so so bad. They shot me in the knee and I had to have surgery to get the pellet out and my knee is forever messed up because of it. Of course I didn’t almost die and it’s nothing like actually getting shot but I can attest it actually hurts very badly,” one person wrote.

“When my brother was a teenager, one of his friends was [expletive] around with an air rifle and thought it was unloaded and shot my brother in the face! The pellet went right between his eye and eyebrow and if it was just a little lower he would have lost his eye! They can def do some serious damage,” someone else added.

Kelly Osbourne Made a Full Recovery

Despite a traumatic experience, Kelly Osbourne made a full recovery and didn’t need any kind of surgery or other treatment.

When she competed on “Dancing With the Stars,” she didn’t have any sort of set backs due to her past leg injury. She and her ballroom pro partner Louis Van Amstel made it to the semifinals, finishing the season in third place.

Meanwhile, Jack Osbourne competed on season 17 alongside Cheryl Burke and they also finished in third place.

Kelly Osbourne welcomed her first child, Sid, with Slipknot’s Sid Wilson in 2022.

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