Kevin Costner’s 3 hour “Horizon” worth seeing? Opinions vary

It’s a rare day when a genuinely good movie comes out — one that isn’t saturated with the woke agenda. But according to Jason Whitlock, Kevin Costner’s Western, “Horizon: An American Saga—Chapter 1,” checks all the boxes.

Why Kevin Costner’s ‘Horizon’ Is a Must-Watch for Every American | Ep

“This will be the first time I just give a full-throated endorsement of a movie. I loved ‘Horizon,’” Jason says, scoring the film 9.5 out of 10, partially because “there was no agenda.”

“I just got to watch the movie, and I didn’t feel like anybody was trying to shove any point down my throat,” he tells Kevin Donahue and Shameka Michelle.

Not everyone shares Jason’s enthusiasm, however.

“It was torture for me,” disagrees Shameka, who hates Westerns in general but nonetheless thought it was “well-written.”

She also appreciated that in the movie “the Indians weren’t just these peaceful people whose land was taken over” by evil colonizers.

“It was a classic Western movie,” adds Kevin. “It was historically accurate … the setting was amazing,” and it “[showed] the rough, rugged America we no longer know.”

He does, however, acknowledge that “there were a lot of subplots,” which at times could be hard to follow, and that the film “started off pretty violent.”

Overall, he gives the film a “7 out of 10.”

Jason, on the other hand, thinks “Horizon” is nearly above reproach and is shocked anyone has critiques.

“I am the greatest movie critic in the history of movie critics. I want the audience to disregard Shameka and Kevin when I tell you this is a great classic movie,” he says.

To hear more of the trio’s debate, watch the clip above.

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