The internet has affected most young people differently, positively for some and not too good for others; for Lexee Smith the former is her position. She is respected for her exceptional dancing,  dress and modeling; she is an epitome of success in everything she does. While many of her mates are still thinking of what to do with opportunity around them, Lexee is building a large following on social media of almost a million. Fans want to know more about this young celebrity who rose to stardom as a teenager and so we bring you her bio, her personal life, her career, and family, and conclude with her net worth.

Who is Lexee Smith?

She is an American born on 2 March 2001 in Houston Texas; her parents are of white ethnicity, and she has two younger brothers. Lexee was born cute and smart, and is the typical happy and cheerful type of baby who loves to play and have fun as a child. Her mother is Maygan by name, but there’s no information regarding her father.

Early life

Her early life was in Houston before the family moved to live in Los Angeles when she was four years-old, when her dream of becoming popular was conceived. Her interest in dancing started at a very early age as a typical kids attitude to shake and move to musical rhythms, and encouraged by her parents. Her brothers are her first fans and took a keen interest in her dancing in a fun way. As a big sister, she loves her brothers, wants to see them happy and be a good role model for them.

Lexee Smith


There is no available information about her school, but she joined the dance group called Latin Flavah as early as five years old. She is in high school, and hopes to become a member of the famous Edge Performing Arts Centre located in Los Angeles in the US.

Her dancing career and fame

This is the beginning of her showbiz career in dancing, and she’s now a member of the dancing and entertainment group called “LilBeasts,” and is a favorite of the fans in this new group. Lexee is very flexible and highly adaptive whenever she’s dancing. According to her “You just feel so free; like you are on a roller coaster ride!” It was in this group that her journey into the world of dancing started to take its proper form. Apart from her dancing, she is also a great dresser, a fashionista of a sort, which has given her another showbiz career in modeling, and the acting world. While building her dancing life, she also uses social media as a vehicle to reach her audiences and admirers on the internet.

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Within a short time, Lexee became well known all over the internet, and her popularity opened a new business opportunity for the young dancer; her clothing line was launched in 2017!

Lexee Smith is still in school, and technically one may not agree her career has started, but as a student and a girl who knows what she wants, her career path is set in showbiz, after she finishes at least her high school education.

Personal life

Her pastime and passion for dancing are shaping into a career form in unique ways, and is lucky to have a family that is supportive of her pet dream and helping to nurture it. With two loving brothers who are her biggest fans, she is poised to take the world by storm!

How’s your week going? ?

Posted by Lexee Smith on Tuesday, May 5, 2015

Love life

Lexee is already 18 years, and it won’t be a shock to know that she has a boyfriend, but there is no current authoritative information about her dating anyone. One thing about this cutie is that she is focused on her study and dancing life.

Social media presence

The social media can be described as her second home where she shares videos of her dancing and other talents. She is also enjoying a very encouraging following, as her Instagram account has over 500,000 followers, YouTube 51,000 subscribers, more than 30,000 fans on Facebook, and on Twitter she has over 17,000 followers. Her fans are attracted to various areas of her activities, including dancing, modeling, singing, and acting. Her clothing line and other performing activities are equally drawing more followers daily.

maui ?

— lexee (@LexeeSmith) June 22, 2017

Body statistics

Her body measurement is 32-24-33 – she is 5ft 2ins (1.57m) in height and weighs 110lbs (50kgs), but of course she is still developing. She uses the US shoe size 5.

Her net worth

While Lexee’s showbiz performances are pure as a natural talent to have fun and display her ability, she is not exactly without money, and is well rewarded for her shows. Authoritative sources estimate that her dancing rakes in about $35,000 per year which since her membership of groups since the age of six, her net worth is estimated to be over $400,000.

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