Liberals explode in outrage over effort by Sen. Mark Warner to get Dems to tell Biden to step down: 'STOP THIS BULLS***'

Many on the left expressed outrage and fury over a report that Democratic Sen. Mark Warner of Virginia was calling for a group of Democratic senators to ask President Joe Biden to step down from the presidential campaign.

Democrats have been divided since the president’s disastrous and humiliating performance in the CNN debate with former President Donald Trump. Some have called for him to abandon the campaign while others demand that Democrats continue to back the president.

‘No one’s pushing me out. I’m not leaving.’

On Friday, the Washington Post reported that Warner was trying to organize a meeting of Democrats on Monday to persuade Biden to exit the campaign.

Biden has responded to the furor by proclaiming that he is in the race to stay and promises to beat Trump.

“Let me say this as clearly as I possibly can and as simply and straightforward as I can: I am running. I’m the nominee of the Democratic Party. No one’s pushing me out. I’m not leaving,” said Biden.

Some Democrats in the House of Representatives are organizing a letter seeking to ask Biden to step down. Polling shows that Trump has gained an edge in overall support after the debate.

Biden has also claimed that he was tired from travelling in an attempt to explain his poor performance, but that excuse made little sense given what the campaign had already said about his schedule.

‘All this bedwetting and backstabbing from Democrats. Shameful.’

Some Biden backers expressed their dismay and anger against Warner on social media.

“Everyone needs to let @MarkWarner know that this is a disastrous plan and it’s not going to happen. Pile on and ***tag him.*** Biden is staying and we’re supporting him. THE END. STOP THIS BULLS*** NOW, Warner,” responded podcaster Kimberley Johnson.

“I’m a proud born and raised Virginia citizen, also a strong supporter of BIDEN-HARRIS, and I’d like to say …. F****** YOU to @MarkWarner !!!” said one detractor.

“Not even thoughts and prayers to your political career. Have you called on Donald Trump to withdraw? All this bedwetting and backstabbing from Democrats. Shameful,” read one reply.

“Yes, Mark Warner can go f*** himself,” read another response.

“Mark Warner doesn’t know how to make a proper tuna sandwich so he can kiss my ass on how to choose a president,” said another critic.

Others expressed support for Warner and said it was pivotal to get Biden to step down from the campaign.

Warner is the chair of the Senate Intelligence Committee.

When Biden was asked about Warner’s effort on Friday, he had a brief response.

“He’s the only one,” said Biden.

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