A THRIFT store flipper is proving reselling is not a scam with his bargain finds.

Jake Rider’s most regular flips include a $5 item that sells for $60.

Jake (@jrideflips) is out to bust the myth that thrift store reselling 'is a scam'


Jake (@jrideflips) is out to bust the myth that thrift store reselling ‘is a scam’Credit: TikTok / @jrideflips
He showed off a $5 find that 'consistently sells for' $60 on eBay


He showed off a $5 find that ‘consistently sells for’ $60 on eBayCredit: TikTok / @jrideflips

Jake is a full-time eBay reseller who shares his best thrift store finds on TikTok (@jrideflips).

In a recent video, he set to put those “reselling is a scam” rumors to bed.

As an example, he showed off several everyday items that he regularly finds at Desert Industries and sells for a profit.

First, he found a CenturyLink modem router for just $5.

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“It consistently sells for $40 to $60 in used condition,” he claimed, showing a screenshot of many sold eBay listings.

Jake continued with some other examples, including a $2 cable “that sells consistently for $20 in used condition.”

This flipper even makes a profit on items that are seemingly damaged.

For example, he picked up a $3 Kodak camera that had corroded batteries inside.

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“All you have to do is put on a little bit of white vinegar and it’s gonna fix the problem” Jake suggested.


In another recent video, Jake claimed “thrifting pays my bills.”

He gave examples of other items he was able to flip for a massive profit.

Jake’s finds included a $1 wallet he would sell for “about $40 to $50” due to the unique crocodile leather texture and premium brand.

And he recommended picking up kids’ toys like a Bob it! for just $2. 

“Especially with Christmas coming up this is an easy $20 flip here,” he said.


eBay is one of the most popular online auction sites for thrift resellers.

The good news is that selling on the site is about to get even easier.

Earlier this week, the company unveiled new AI technology that will create listings for users automatically.

All you will need to do is take a photo of your item, and the AI will write a title and product description for you.

The technology will be rolled out to all eBay users “in the coming months,” according to a press release.

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One reseller recently revealed his important step to authenticate worn designer shoes and sell them for a huge profit on eBay.

And while student calculators might be available for just cents at the thrift store, they can bring in nearly $100 on Amazon.

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