Pro boxer runs 12 miles with injured dog on his back

Professional boxer Tristan Hamm said that he carried his dog about 12 miles to safety after the animal was attacked by a mountain goat.

Hamm, a former pipeline worker and outdoorsman, recently transitioned into professional boxing and has made two high-profile appearances in the ring. His last fight came against former NFL running back Le’Veon Bell in Houston, Texas.

The influencer nicknamed “Mr. Adventure” said he was in the middle of a hike on a foot mountain when his dog was attacked by a mountain goat. He noted that the mountain was 12,000 feet high.

“My dog was attacked by a mountain goat at the top of a 12k foot mountain,” Hamm wrote on X.

Hamm then revealed that he picked up the dog and put him on his back before running 12 miles down to the safety of his truck where he tended to the animal’s wounds.

“Had to run him down 12 miles back to the truck on my back. Was able to stop the bleeding and staple him shut. He’s in good hands and spirits.”

‘A warning for people who hike with their dogs to get in shape.’

Attached photos then showed the dog with a gaping wound, likely from the gore of the goat. Subsequent pictures showed the wound stapled shut and the thankful dog with bandages over his injury.

Hamm later showed more photos with the dog pictured helping share the load as he carried equipment up to a mountain’s summit.

An anonymous account criticized Hamm for taking photos:

“Bros dog got attacked and bro took pics of it for his Twitter,” the person wrote.

The hiker rejected the assertion and said that his story should serve as a warning to any hikers who travel with animals.

“Naw, more like a warning for people who hike with their dogs to get in shape so they can save their dog if they have to,” Hamm responded.

Hamm started working on oil pipelines when he was 16 years old, which he said provided him with a solid work ethic while maturing him beyond his years.

The boxer also previously told Blaze News that once he started gaining notoriety for his travel videos, he became concerned about places he visited being left in despair after others traveled to the same location.

“I started noticing that when I would go back to certain places I had traveled to, they didn’t look like how they were before. So, I’ve encouraged people to, if they are producing traveling or outdoor content, not reveal or geo-tag their location.”

Hamm has done his best to promote conservation wherever in his travels and has continued to take precautions and limit identifying factors whenever posting a video.

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