Reported 919 known gotaways in one day

Fox News reported that according to a U.S. Customs and Border Protection source, there were 919 gotaways on March 31.

“NEW: 919 known gotaways recorded at the border yesterday, per CBP source. 7 day average of known gotaways: 761 per day. Reminder: Gotaways are not recorded in the official public border numbers reported each month. CBP tracks internally after seeing/detecting them,” Fox News Channel’s Bill Melugin tweeted.

Last month, during an interview with CBS News’ Camilo Montoya-Galvez, U.S. Border Patrol Chief Jason Owens expressed a deep concern about those who slip through the cracks. “That is a national security threat. Border security is a big piece of national security,” Owens said.

Responding to Melugin’s post, GOP Rep. Eli Crane of Arizona tweeted, “Biden’s premeditated border crisis is a national security disaster. He knows he could reverse course but refuses.”

“Border security is national security,” GOP Rep. Steve Womack of Arkansas said in a tweet. “919 known gotaways in one day = 919 illegal aliens evading screening for terrorism or criminal records in one day. Each day President Biden doesn’t take action to secure the border is another day of potential threats to our country.”

GOP Rep. Michael McCaul of Texas said in a tweet, “919 known gotaways in one day — none of whom have been screened for criminal conduct or terrorism. And there’s no telling how many more went completely undetected. Americans face new and growing threats each day that President Biden refuses to secure our border.”

“Make no mistake. The Biden administration’s inaction to address the national security crisis at our border will have devastating consequences for years, if not decades, to come,” GOP Rep. Mike Collins of Georgia tweeted.

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