Superquiz and Target Time, Monday, April 1

Superquiz by Michelle Stillman




Find words of four letters or more. Every word must include the centre letter and each letter is used once only. Find at least one nine-letter word. No colloquial or foreign words, capitalised nouns, apostrophes or hyphens. No verbs or plural words ending in “s”. Solution list is not exhaustive.

Reference source: Macquarie Dictionary.

Today’s Target: 10 words, average; 17 words, good; 25+ words, excellent

Saturday’s Target Time: deep, demirep, drip, empire, emptied, emptier, impede, impeder, peer, pere, peri, perm, permed, permit, PERMITTED, pert, peter, petit, petite, petted, pettier, pide, pied, pier, pitted, prettied, pride, pried, prim, prime, primed, ripe, temp, temper, tempi, tempt, tempted, tempter, tepid, trip, tripe.

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