Taxpayer dollars fund Oxford research link milk racism

Yes, you read that right. Milk is apparently racist, and we need taxpayer dollars to prove it.

Pat Gray and the “Unleashed” panel discuss how a team of academics at an Oxford museum plan to conduct research over milk’s link to colonialism, which will be funded by taxpaying U.K. citizens who surely will be thrilled to contribute to such a noble cause.

“An Oxford museum will research the political nature of milk and its colonial legacies. One of the experts involved has previously argued that milk is a Northern European obsession; it’s been imposed on other parts of the world,” reads Pat.

“[Dr. Johanna Zetterstrom-Sharp] said the assumption that milk was a key part of the human diet may be understood as a white supremacist one, as many populations outside Europe and North America have high levels of lactose intolerance in adulthood.”

It’s Time We Talk About the Link Between Milk and

The museum has announced that “it had received the funding,” but “the size of the grant has not yet been revealed.”

“The museum said by focusing on communities intersecting industry aid and government regulation, the project aims to center on heritage as a vital framework for understanding how colonial legacies influence contemporary issues that affect people’s lives.”

Who knew milk was considered a contemporary issue?

“I am so pissed off at Borden right now. I am just so angry at their part in keeping people down,” says Pat sarcastically.

But in all seriousness, thank goodness “it’s happening in Britain and not here.”

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