Texas mother abandoned children to go on cruise vacation

A Texas mother was arrested last week for abandoning her two small children so that she could go on a Caribbean cruise vacation, according to police.

On Thursday, 29-year-old Lakesha Woods Williams was arrested on two charges of child endangerment.

Williams is alleged to have left her 6-year-old and 8-year-old children alone in her high-rise apartment in the Memorial neighborhood of Houston. Police say the mother left her kids alone at home for six days as she took a Caribbean cruise vacation.

Williams abandoned her children so that she could fly to Miami and then vacation on a cruise ship that traveled to Puerto Rico.

Police conducted a welfare check on the children on April 9, and found the abandoned children. The small children informed law enforcement that their mother had left them alone to go on a Caribbean cruise.

ABC Houston affiliate KTRK-TV reported that the apartment unit was in disarray, had trash and leftover food strewn about, and there was a “potent” smell of urine.

Paramedics and Child Protective Services were summoned to the home to check on the health of the children. Firefighters said the children “were in good health and not malnourished.”

Investigators believe that no adults checked in on the small children during the six days.

The mother reportedly left a camera on inside the apartment home to monitor her unsupervised children.

Both children were taken out of the home and released to their aunt.

Williams reportedly lied about her identity to police when questioned.

The criminal complaint stated, “Deputies tried contacting the Defendant to make the scene, but she was not cooperating and was switching up her story on her whereabouts.”

Harris County Constable Precinct 5 said in a statement on Facebook, “We are still putting together the facts and circumstances of how these children were left alone for several days, but the important thing is they are safe now and those responsible should be held accountable for leaving these kids in an unsafe situation.”

Keegan Childers, the chief prosecutor of the 209th District Court, said: “These children were left unattended for many days and put in harm’s way. For them to provide for themselves, feed themselves, take care of themselves, as well as, what if somebody breaks in? What if there’s a bad neighbor? Any number of horror, nightmare scenarios that could come up.”

Williams was booked into the Harris County Detention Facility the day after she returned to her apartment from her cruise vacation.

Her bond is set at $25,000.

Williams is scheduled to be in court on Monday, according to records.

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