UCLA's 'Race and Equity' director spreads conspiracy that Kate Middleton's cancer diagnosis is fake

A Meghan Markle superfan recently claimed that Kate Middleton’s cancer diagnosis is fake. He went on to question whether Middleton was even alive after the Princess of Wales stunned the world after revealing she was being treated with “preventative chemotherapy” for an unspecified illness, according to the New York Post.

Johnathan Perkins — the director of race and equity in the University of California Los Angeles’ Office of Equity, Diversity and Inclusion — posted to X on March 24, writing: “A cancer survivor, I can confirm society treats cancer like a death sentence, patients like pitiful weaklings.”

“I personally do NOT believe Kate Middleton had/has cancer. The Royals presumed cancer/chemo’s mere (vague!) mention would quash concerns re Kate’s absence—it mostly did!”

The Post reportedly reached out to Perkins, who once referred to Markle as an “American princess.”

In other social media posts, Perkins has suggested that maybe the Princess of Wales was “in a coma or dead,” and went on to say that “King Chuck and Kate do NOT deserve my respect.”

However, Perkins did not provide any evidence for his claims.

The lawyers speculated that the Royal Family may be concealing something, writing: “Next, we will find out the Royals are lying about Kate’s cancer diagnosis to cover for something else—would NOT put it past this family. Even as a cancer survivor, I’m taking this announcement w/a grain of salt until we learn more. I don’t presume truth just b/c the story is sad.”

Perkins has previously condemned society’s perception of cancer, noting that people treat it “like a death sentence.” According to his LinkedIn account, he has been in remission for lymphoma for 15 years.

In an Instagram post he shared on March 29, 2023, Perkins wrote: “These are but two of the many common racist myths poisoning U.S. healthcare—and obviously a big part of how and why black people receive substandard care and tend to die early.”

The Daily Mail pointed out the seeming contradictions in Perkins’ positions, noting that “many will point out an obvious hypocrisy between his cruel comments about Kate and their stark contrast to UCLA’s ‘Equity, Diversity and Inclusion’ values.”

The California university’s “Inclusive Excellence Framework” says that, in Perkins’ role, he is supposed to work to “uphold dignity for all” and “foster open-mindedness, understanding, compassion and inclusiveness.”

It goes on to state that the university does “not tolerate acts of discrimination, harassment or conduct causing harm to individuals,” per the Daily Mail.

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