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Mikaila Murphy, widely recognized by her online alias Mikaila Dancer, is an accomplished American social media personality, dancer, actor and singer. She’s gained widespread recognition through a myriad of captivating dance videos that mesmerized millions of viewers on her TikTok and Instagram profiles.

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Early Years and Family

Born on 27 January 2000, in Livonia, Michigan, Mikaila Murphy experienced a unique upbringing primarily under the care of her grandfather. Both of her parents were occupied with their professional commitments, leading her grandfather to take on a significant role in her life. Mikaila’s early fascination with dancing emerged at the tender age of two, a passion ignited by her grandfather exposing her to Shirley Temple movies during babysitting sessions.

Recognizing her inherent rhythm, her grandfather persuaded her mother to enroll her in dance classes. Remarkably, by the age of three, she was already demonstrating her tap dancing skills, which marked the beginning of Mikaila’s journey into the world of dance, as she continued to receive formal training, nurturing her passion.

At the age of 12, Mikaila bravely stepped into the realm of dance competitions, overcoming her initial shyness. Despite once preferring to blend into the background, dancing became the catalyst that allowed her to break out of her shell and showcase her abilities to the world. Reflecting on her growth, Mikaila stated, ‘Growing up, I was never the most talented in the room, but I can confidently say I was always the hardest worker.’

Her dedication to dance faced challenges, with limited access to the best training due to teacher preferences; undeterred by setbacks, her determination only intensified, and despite numerous failures, she remained resilient, continually pushing her limits.

While her passion for dance propelled her forward, it also necessitated sacrifices, bidding farewell to aspects of a typical childhood. Throughout her teenage years, Mikaila’s focus on dance training and competitions took precedence, limiting her participation in school events. Although she missed several school dances, she cherishes the memory of attending the school prom, grateful for the experience it afforded her.


Mikaila pursued her primary and secondary education in local schools within her hometown. Opting for convenience, she chose Madonna University, located just a stone’s throw away from her home, to embark on her journey toward a bachelor’s degree in Arts and Dance. The availability of numerous scholarships added ease to her college experience, creating an environment seemingly ideal for many students.

However, Mikaila’s enthusiasm for higher education waned during her first year. Despite excelling academically due to her perfectionist nature, she found herself grappling with a sense of monotony, particularly when the COVID-19 pandemic prompted a shift to online learning. The challenge of comprehending dance education through virtual platforms such as Zoom left her uninspired.

During her sophomore year, Mikaila deliberated on how to gracefully exit college. Despite having supportive parents, she hesitated to break the news to her father, but to her surprise, both her mother and father backed her decision. After two years in college, she made the decision to quit, not without encountering skepticism from one of her teachers, who warned her about the perceived necessity of a college education for success, to which Mikaila silently retorted in her mind, ‘Watch me.’


Although Mikaila’s parents were hardworking, financial comfort was not guaranteed, leading her to take a position at Target, but unfortunately she was laid off due to the COVID-19 pandemic. It was during this challenging period that Mikaila shifted her focus to social media, taking it seriously for the first time. Driven by a childhood dream of becoming a professional performer or entertainer, she had always declared that she would one day achieve fame.


Determined to be her own boss and escape the confines of a traditional 9-to-5 job, in 2020 Mikaila ventured into TikTok. Regularly posting content that showcased her dance skills, she featured her own choreography, even including her grandfather in one of the early videos, which quickly garnered attentioa ‘That went really viral, and I hit my first 100,000 followers.’ However, it was her ‘twerking’ videos that catapulted her to fame, reaching one million followers by January 2019. Amid the pandemic and the shift to online schooling, she utilized the time to upload videos, rapidly growing her followers to three million and solidifying her decision to quit college.

As of February 2024, her TikTok account, @mikailadancer, boasts close to 16 million fans, with her videos collectively receiving about 450 million likes. In addition to the ‘twerking’ videos, her fans also appreciate the silly skits featuring friends and loved ones, along with collaborations with other popular TikTok celebrities.


Capitalizing on TikTok’s success, Mikaila strategically promoted her Instagram account. At times, she would tease her audience with glimpses of new dance videos on TikTok, directing them to check out the full content on her Instagram account, created in 2012. However, it wasn’t until 2019 that she began regularly posting photos and videos, mostly featuring her dancing. Verified in 2022, her account has amassed over a million followers by 2024, as she consistently engages with her fans.


Active on YouTube since 2019, Mikaila initially cross-posted content from her other social media accounts. Utilizing the platform’s capacity for longer videos, she shared dance tutorials, ‘twerking’ compilations, travel vlogs, and intimate glimpses into her family life. While her YouTube following is more modest, with close to 200,000 subscribers, two videos out of the 2,000 she uploaded, including the “Shorts,” achieved over a million views.


Mikaila has wholeheartedly embraced various lucrative platforms, including the controversial OnlyFans page. While this platform is primarily associated with mature adult content, Mikaila has consciously avoided extreme content, consisting of a series of dance videos that, while too risqué for Instagram or TikTok, showcase her unique style. Currently, her OnlyFans content library boasts over 400 videos, along with more than 1,000 images, garnering an impressive 300,000 likes.


Currently, Mikaila has over 800,000 followers on her Snapchat account, which she started using in 2016. She still to this day regularly posts and engages with her audience.


As a 12-year-old, Facebook was one of the first social media platforms that she established, with the help of her mother. Mikaila distinctly recalled that it was her mother who even took her first cover photo. She said that they were in a studio and she instinctively raised her leg to make a dance move pose for her mother which she deeply regretted as she claimed that the result was one of the ugliest photos that she had. Today, she has about 300,000 followers, and still continuously updates her fans through this platform.

Moving to Los Angeles

Mikaila made a pivotal decision to relocate to Los Angeles, California, having diligently saved enough money to embark on a career as a social media influencer, alongside her then-boyfriend. The City of Angels boasted a vast network of content creators, managers and agents, providing promising opportunities for influencers to expand their audiences and secure brand deals.

However, Mikaila’s journey in the city wasn’t without challenges. While she encountered individuals who genuinely aided her, she also faced exploitation due to her naivety and limited business awareness.

Through social media connections, Mikaila secured accommodation in a “content” house, shared with other creators. Excitedly packing her childhood room, she soon discovered that the house was about to be sold by the owners. The leaders of the “content” house were aware, but failed to communicate the situation transparently. Mikaila expressed that she would have opted for just packing a suitcase had she been informed earlier.

Following eviction, she and her then-boyfriend returned to Michigan, storing their belongings in a facility, including their car, until the content team leaders purchased a new house. Due to the nature of the work of a budding social media influencer, Mikaila had to return earlier than scheduled to L.A., renting a cricket-infested Airbnb without air conditioning systems for two months. Eventually invited to the new content house, she faced a series of unfortunate events, including being burdened with household “Cinderella” chores, subjected to an early noise curfew, prohibited from using the pool, and deliberately excluded from in-house parties. When she decided to leave, she faced backlash from the house, which had initially shown disapproval but later expressed anger at her departure.

Despite these challenges, Mikaila harbored no resentment. She acknowledged the valuable lessons she learned from them, including insights into real estate investments and securing her first two brand deals.

Music Career

Mikaila’s venture into releasing singles as a singer was an unexpected turn in her career. Initially, she never considered herself a singer, dedicating her focus to dancing. It wasn’t until a friend by the name of Sam Watson, a backup dancer for a professional artist, recognized her potential and encouraged her to develop her singing talent that she began to consider the possibility.

In February 2022, Mikaila took a bold step by releasing her debut single, “What Goes Around Comes Around.” The official music video garnered 300,000 views, marking an encouraging start to her music career. Acknowledging the challenges, she emphasized the importance of having a dedicated marketing and PR team to navigate the complexities of the music industry.

Undeterred by the hurdles, Mikaila continued to release more songs, including titles such as “Ho Ho Ho,” “Bad Bitch Energy,” and “Float.” Seeking assistance from professionals, she recognized the ongoing learning curve in mastering and mixing sounds, admitting that she is still refining her musical instincts. She remains committed to honing her skills and expanding her presence in the music industry, reflecting a determination to explore new artistic realms beyond dancing.

She will soon release an extended play that she’s been working on for many months, as she dedicated substantial time and effort to focus more on her music.

Personal Life

When she first moved to L.A. she lived with her boyfriend, a fellow content creator. Unfortunately, challenges arose as he struggled with adapting to the city, eventually becoming more immersed in video games than their relationship. Following their breakup, Mikaila ventured into new relationships, but after a particularly unpleasant experience, she decided to keep her dating life more discreet. Despite speculation from fans, she hasn’t disclosed her current relationship status.


Mikaila stands at a height of 5ft 5ins (165cms) and weighs 143lbs (65kg). With Caucasian ethnicity, she possesses brown hair and captivating blue eyes.

Net Worth

As of February 2024, Mikaila’s estimated net worth stands at an impressive $5 million, according to reputable sources. Her income streams include earnings from brand deals, collaborations, and sponsorship posts across various social media platforms. Additionally, she earns commissions through her Amazon Store. However, the primary contributor to her substantial wealth is her OnlyFans page, which played a pivotal role in enabling her to purchase her dream house.

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