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While online dating has already become a standard option to find a soulmate both in a local area and far beyond its borders, many people still need to decide whether it is worth trying. Why? The reason lies in Ukraine dating scams issue.  You might hear all those horror stories about fake girls who are only interested in men’s money. Still, it would be wrong to miss a great chance to find your special one just because of rumors or a few unpleasant situations. 

You see, Ukrainian dating scams are not the only problem today. Users of online dating platforms may deal with fakes from any country. It is sad to say, but yes, the online space is full of people who want to make a profit from you. Isn’t it similar to real life? Probably, the chances of coming across a girl who is interested in having a nice time or getting expensive gifts are also high. So, why not find out more about online dating Ukraine scams to navigate all the risks and make the right final decision? 

Ukraine Dating Scams Pictures: Are All Women Fakes?

A quick answer to this question is NO! There are many real women in Ukraine who seek a foreign spouse. They decide to register on popular Ukrainian dating sites to find a like-minded person. Here is why:

  • They can’t find a local guy for serious relationships.
  • They want to widen their own horizons (move to another country, study a new culture, or practice the English language).
  • They are attracted to Western guys and their way of thinking.

Of course, these are just a few reasons why Slavic beauties seek happiness beyond their country. But they prove the serious intentions of Ukrainian brides to build trusted relationships with foreigners. 

How to Identify a Threat with Ukraine Dating Scams Signs?

Let’s say you have heard about the Ukrainian dating scammer list, and now you hesitate to join online platforms to seek romance. Luckily, there are so many signs that can help you identify a threat quickly and easily. Study them carefully to stop worrying about Ukraine dating site scams.

It is recommended to be careful if you met a nice lady on a chosen dating platform, and she encourages you to move to another place to continue communication. You see, using a trustworthy dating platform means that you can feel safer than anywhere else. The support team is always right at your fingertips to help you solve any issue. If you notice any suspicious activity, you can get in touch with specialists and let them know about the case. But when you move to another messenger to keep talking with your potential girlfriend, you should take responsibility for your actions. A dating site can’t guarantee safety anymore. 

You should be very attentive to the words that the girl says. If she messes up the facts and the information from her dating profile has nothing in common with her messages to you, then you may deal with a fake. Some ladies try to appeal to the guys, ignoring their own identity and interests. You can easily check it if you compare her answers with the information on her personal page. If she tries to pretend to be someone else just to make you fall in love with her, then you may call the lady a fake. So, once you notice something strange, it is better to clarify everything and finish communication if necessary. 

Photos can say a lot actually. Check out the pictures on the girl’s page. Do they look genuine? If she added just a few photos, and now refuses to send you more, as well as join a live chat – be aware! A dating scammer may be behind the screen. It is okay to exchange messages at the very beginning since both of you may feel shy and unconfident. But if you take things seriously, and want to strengthen your connection, then it is crucial to use a live chat to get closer.  In case the girl only promises but then disappears all of a sudden, you should think twice before continuing to talk with her. 

Tips to Choose a Trustworthy Dating Space

Of course, you can use free tools like forums or social media sites to meet the girl of your dreams. But you should realize that all those places do not guarantee safety or success. It is better to choose a reliable dating platform to find a mail order bride with pure intentions. Take a look at five quick tips that will let you make the right decision and join a trustworthy dating space:


1⃣ Check reviews. You can go to sites like TrustPilot or Scamadviser to see what other users say about the platform you are about to join. Pay attention to all the pluses and minuses that they admit. All the information that you can find there may form the basis for your future decision.

2⃣ Read Terms & Conditions. Of course, it may sound boring, but after all, this is a question of your rights, and safety. Take some time to read that page to be aware of all related issues. 

3⃣ Explore the site. Enter the site you want to use to meet a Ukrainian woman for marriage. Does it look convenient? Do the pages load quickly, or you have to deal with delays and errors? As you are going to use the platform for smooth communication with Slavic beauties, it should be user-friendly. 

4⃣ Find out the prices. Go to the page with the prices and make sure that a pricing policy is clear. A trustworthy dating site lists current costs for provided services without any hidden fees. You should understand how much money you need to use the site to reach your dating goals. 

5⃣ Talk to support team specialists. This way, you will understand whether the support team will be able to react to any of your urgent issues and provide an efficient solution if necessary. 


Unfortunately, Ukraine dating agency scams is not something new users are expected to deal with. Still, there are many effective tips on coping with the following issues. If you are really interested in meeting a real Ukrainian bride, then you should join a trustworthy dating site, be careful, and take responsibility for your own actions. There are so many nice women in Ukraine who aim to build serious relationships despite cultural differences and distance, so you shouldn’t waste your chance to reach your dating goals. Take all mentioned-above tips into consideration and enjoy your online romantic adventure with top beauties as soon as possible.

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