A Quick Guide to Conquer Winter Seasonal Depression, According to Experts

Yes, it’s that time of year once more – say ‘goodbye’ to hot girl summer and ‘hello’ to the winter blues.

Did you know there’s a technical term for this phenomenon? It’s called “Seasonal Affective Disorder”, or for short, “SAD” – a rather fitting acronym. While many of us are no strangers to the shift in our moods during the winter months, this year is going to be different. Why? Because we’ve got some valuable tips to help prepare ourselves:

1. Move Your Body

Woman exercising while laying down on a yoga mat.
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Transitioning from being consistently active in the summer to the winter season can take a toll on our bodies. This change not only impacts our physical health but also our mental well-being. It’s crucial to maintain an exercise routine during the winter.

According to Anisha Patel-Dunn, a psychiatrist and chief medical officer of LifeStance Health, “Research shows 30 to 45 minutes of aerobic exercise four to five times a week can impact and improve mood.”

So this doesn’t necessarily entail running in low temperatures; it can involve any form of physical activity that keeps your body moving.

2. Socialize

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Winter holidays are not just about having fun; they can also have a significant impact on our mental health. They provide us with the opportunity to spend quality time with friends and family, ultimately enhancing our mood.

According to psychiatrist Norman Rosenthal, M.D., “social connections are crucial to well-being! That’s why he encourages you to make proactive social plans before winter to take you through the season.”

3. Prioritize Light


As shared by University of Rochester Medicine psychiatrist Annabel Fu, MD, and psychologist Leisha Cuddihy, PhD., “Sunlight tells our brain that it’s time to be awake…”

But because during the winter, natural sunlight is limited, we can replicate this effect by using alternatives like artificial light or a lightbox.

Just A Reminder: You’re Not Alone

According to an American Psychiatric Association poll, they “found that roughly a quarter of Americans feel generally depressed in winter.” This phenomenon affects more women than men, with a 7% higher prevalence. So, whether you’re a lady or a gentleman, let’s not allow the winter blues to spoil our season. Let’s take on these tips and ensure we have a fantastic winter!

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