Billie Eilish’s Weight Loss Transformation [Photos]

Billie Eilish has been transparent with fans since she reached stardom. The “Bad Guy” artist opened up about body image issues as well as her more recent “gym rat” era and explained that she entered it for more reasons than just  weight loss.

“I’ve been completely changing the way that my life is involving fitness,” the Grammy-winning artist told Zane Lowe during an Apple Music interview in September 2022.

“I started working out at a gym for the first time every day. And I know that’s a pretty — like a lot of people do that. But that was not a thing I did, and it’s become such an incredibly huge part of my life and it makes me feel so much better as a person and the way that I can move on stage now,” Billie continued.

Keep scrolling to see Billie’s weight loss before and after photos!

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