Gisele Bundchen’s Diet Secrets: Her Meal, Nutrition Plan

Gisele Bündchen has flaunted her fabulous figure during her career as a supermodel and her body seems to get better with age. The former Victoria’s Secret angel has become one with the world over the years and manages her diet around organic and natural nutrition.

“I’m feeling so much better at 43 than at 23,” Gisele admitted in September 2023 while speaking on a panel at a Gaia Herb event, a supplement brand whom she partnered with.

The Rio Grande do Sul native’s diet is mostly made up of plant-based foods, although she adds minimal non-shellfish protein in her meals for fuel. What’s the one thing Gisele never consumes? White sugar.

“To me, white sugar means poison,” she told The Wall Street Journal in a feature story published in March 2024. “There’s so many other ways you can sweeten your things that are delicious. Honey, maple syrup, dates.”

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