Jason Kelce Reveals Weight Loss Goals During Retirement

Jason Kelce may have retired from the NFL, but the former Philadelphia Eagles center isn’t letting loose of his fitness regimen. In fact, he is ready to undergo a physical transformation as he’s currently “in the process” of a new weight loss journey.

“I’m retired. I played my whole career 295 [pounds]. I’m trying to get down to 250, 260. My goal is two pounds every week, lose it. I want to lose it, but maintain my muscle mass,” Jason, 36, explained to Arnold Schwarzenegger on the Wednesday, April 3, episode of the “New Heights” podcast alongside brother and cohost Travis Kelce. “I’m trying to monitor my protein, my carbs, my fats, make sure that I’m hitting at least one pound per body weight.”

Arnold, 76, who is a five-time bodybuilding Mr. Universe winner, gave Jason educated advice on how to reach his weight loss goals.

“The most important thing is that you slowly decrease the body fat and increase the body muscles. You just switch. It doesn’t just have to do with the weight,” the Terminator star shared.

Travis, 34, also weighed in on the fitness and diet conversation, noting that his older brother is “a real vegan.”

“I always was out on vegan. I did it one week. Couldn’t do it. I needed more protein than beans,” the Kansas City Chiefs tight end admitted.

This isn’t the first time that the NFL brothers talked about their body goals. In late March, Jason admitted that he looked “forward to getting skinny.”

“But I’m gonna slim down … this last week I got down to like 285,” he told Travis, adding, “There’s different ways to do this. I personally don’t subscribe to doing extreme diets like going all the way vegan or all the way carnivore or keto. F–k no, I’m not doing that.”

No matter the number on the scale, Jason is comfortable in his skin! In fact, the Kelce documentary star flashed his bare upper body while celebrating Travis’ January 21 touchdown against the Buffalo Bills. Jason watched his brother play from a private suite after the Eagles were eliminated from the playoffs. After Travis scored the big T-D for the Chiefs, a shirtless Jason screamed with excitement and hopped out of the suite and into the crowd.

“This was an opportunity to honestly just go someplace and forget about all that and just go have fun and root on [my] brother,” Jason explained during a “New Heights” podcast episode a few days after the viral celebration. “It is electric, the energy, the shenanigans. I’m like, ‘I gotta have my shirt off at some point,’ I’m taking my shirt off and I’m jumping out of the box so then I’m out of the box and I have my shirt off and I can be like my Buffalo Bills Mafia compadres. This is how my mind works after 40 Miller Lites.”

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