Chicago Bears Trade Proposal Vikings Raiders Trade Back 2024 NFL Draft

Chicago Bears Trade Proposal Vikings Raiders Trade Back 2024 NFL Draft


Bears general manager Ryan Poles.

The Chicago Bears could have a golden opportunity to both trade back in the first round of the 2024 NFL draft and block one of their NFC North rivals from moving up to select their new franchise quarterback.

The Bears hold the No. 9 overall selection in the first round and could reasonably stay put to add another blue-chip prospect to their roster. With just four total draft picks, though, they might feel the temptation to move back from the ninth spot if one of the top four quarterbacks is still on the board when they go to make their second pick.

If the latter comes to fruition, several teams outside of the top 10 could call the Bears about the possibility of moving up. And as Bleacher Report’s Jake Tansey predicts, that could lead to a double-whammy option where they trade the No. 9 pick to the Las Vegas Raiders for multiple picks while also stopping the Minnesota Vikings from moving up.

“If the draft order holds, the Bears may try to put extra effort into preventing the Vikings from potentially landing a franchise quarterback at No. 10,” Tansey wrote on April 1. “Vegas can package a few Day 2 and Day 2 selections, starting with the No. 44 overall pick, to the Bears.”

The full terms of the projected trade would be as follows: The Bears send their No. 9 pick to the Raiders in exchange for the No. 13 pick, the No. 44 pick in the second round — in which Chicago does not currently have a pick — and a fifth-rounder (No. 148).

“General manager Ryan Poles has a tendency to be aggressive in the trade market and we could see that on display yet again during draft day,” Tansey wrote.

Vikings Might Have Too Much Ammunition to Stop

The trade scenario Tansey put forth is reasonably appealing for the Bears, especially if none of the top three wide receivers are still available at No. 9 overall in the draft order. They could still get a high-end defensive player (likely an edge rusher) at No. 13 and would jump from two picks to four outside of the first round, offering more flexibility.

Just how likely is it, though, that the Bears will have a chance to block the Vikings?

The Vikings need a quarterback and began setting the stage for a possible trade-up on March 15 when they cut a deal with the Houston Texans for their first-round selection. Minnesota sent two second-rounders — in 2024 and 2025 — along with its 2024 sixth-rounder to Houston in exchange for the No. 23 pick and a 2024 seventh-rounder.

Now, the Vikings hold two first-round selections that can be used as ammunition for their grand quarterback move, if they decide to make one. The Bears would no doubt entertain an offer from the Vikings for two first-rounders, but the Vikings are more likely to bypass their division rivals and trade up higher in the draft order, potentially into the top five if they are concerned about missing out on their desired quarterback.

The Los Angeles Chargers (No. 5) and New York Giants (No. 6) might be interested in taking a two-firsts offer from the Vikings. Minnesota could also consider getting more aggressive, offering even more to the Washington Commanders (No. 2) or New England Patriots (No. 3) to give themselves a choice of two or three of the top quarterbacks.

No Vikings? No Problem for Bears’ 1st-Round Options

Say the Vikings — or another team — move up and ensure that none of the top four quarterbacks are on the board when the Bears pick at No. 9. In many ways, this outcome could still work to the benefit of the Bears as they evaluate their options.

Four quarterbacks going in the first eight picks all but guarantees that at least one of the following players will be available for the Bears: Ohio State’s Marvin Harrison Jr. (wide receiver), LSU’s Malik Nabers (wide receiver), Washington’s Rome Odzune (wide receiver), Notre Dame’s Joe Alt (left tackle) or Alabama’s Dallas Turner (edge rusher).

Perhaps the Bears have eyes for another prospect, but it would make a great deal of sense for them to take one of those five players if they have the opportunity at No. 9.

If the Bears want to go another direction, it also still leaves the door open for trading back. The New Orleans Saints (No. 14) need a left tackle and the Jacksonville Jaguars (No. 17) are likely to pursue a new starting edge rusher. The Bears have needs at both spots, too, but might prefer to add more capital to avoid having just four total picks.

Either way, it is hard to imagine the Bears won’t come out of the first round as winners.

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