CA colleges are once again seeing campus buildings being taken over by protesters

University of California, Berkley Chancellor Carol Christ released a letter to the college’s encampment, offering compliments to the group for maintaining a “professional, organized, and productive approach during a very difficult time.”

After the chancellor’s letter was released, campus occupiers took over a school building in order to “escalate for Gaza.”

Protesters took over a building to ‘avenge’ Al Shifa hospital and to show their disapproval of disbanding the official encampment over ‘weak concessions.’

Christ pledged to the protesters to take action to meet most of their demands.

“I want to again acknowledge your efforts to peacefully protest the extraordinary death and destruction in Gaza. I, too, am concerned about the horrific killing of tens of thousands of Palestinians as well as the destruction of the Palestinian educational infrastructure,” Christ said.

“I plan to make a public statement by the end of the month sharing my personal support for government officials’ efforts to secure an immediate and permanent ceasefire. Such support for the plight of Palestinians, including protest, should not be conflated with hatred or antisemitism,” she wrote.

On Wednesday, protesters took over a building to “avenge” Al Shifa hospital and to show their disapproval of disbanding the official encampment over “weak concessions.”

The University of California, Irvine saw a science building being taken over on Wednesday as well. The college issued emergency notification warning about the violent protest, warning students to stay away.

There are reports of a massive police response from multiple law enforcement agencies to move in on the occupied building.

The buildings’ occupation come after far-left groups were unable to hold on the encampment at the University of California, Los Angeles. The clearing of the zone has been met with promises to occupy other spaces at college campuses across the state.

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