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On this special episode of “Sara Gonzales Unfiltered,” your favorite spicy Latina invites former G.I. surgeon and medical researcher Dr. Andrew Wakefield — who Wikipedia labels as a “fraudster, discredited academic, [and] anti-vaccine activist” — to challenge the mainstream narrative surrounding Big Pharma.

Also joining the show is Matthew Marsden, BlazeTV contributor and star of Wakefield’s new film, “Protocol-7,” which is a bombshell “whistleblower story” that chronicles the true events of the lawsuit against Merck for the firm’s allegedly harmful MMR vaccine.

Together, the three discuss what Sara calls “epic levels of Big Pharma corruption.”

So, how did Dr. Wakefield become “Big Pharma’s number one enemy?”

Simple. He spoke the truth even when the truth was inconvenient.

Turns out when you “confront government policy and you threaten pharmaceutical industry profiteering,” you “take a relatively promising medical career and flush it down the toilet,” says Dr. Wakefield, adding that he’s been embroiled in this battle for “30 years now.”

The longstanding narrative surrounding Dr. Wakefield is that he claimed “vaccines cause autism.”

However, that’s not even close to the full story.

“In 1995, I started getting calls from parents saying my child was perfectly well … and then they had an MMR vaccine, then they had a seizure, and they were never the same again; the lights went out, and they were ultimately diagnosed with autism,” he tells Sara.

While Dr. Wakefield was not trained in matters related to autism, parents continued to call him because their children were simultaneously experiencing painful “intractable bowel problems,” which was within his scope of practice.

However, “The doctors and nurses I talked to dismissed this. They said, ‘This is just autism, get used to it, put them in a home, forget about them, move on, [and] have another child.”’

Thankfully, instead of silently complying, Dr. Wakefield “put together a big team of eminent doctors and the world’s leading pediatric gastroenterologists at the time.”

“We investigated these children, and the parents were absolutely right,” he says. “The children had an inflammatory bowel disease, and when we treated that bowel disease as we might treat Crohn’s disease or colitis with anti-inflammatories, then not only did the bowel symptoms get better, but they started speaking again.”

“We did it 183 times before I left the Royal Free [Hospital], and it happened virtually every single time.”

When it had become clear “that the medical profession was wrong on virtually every count” related to the effects of its vaccines, Dr. Wakefield suggested “dissociating these vaccines into their component parts … given perhaps by separation of one year.”

In other words, he never suggested not taking vaccines but rather just taking them separately in order to better study the effects of each individual vaccine.

So while he drew “no conclusions,” made “[no] definitive statements,” and per protocol, suggested a “more detailed study” based on the case series he’d drawn up, his words were twisted and manipulated, eventually leading to his expulsion from the medical field altogether.

To hear more of Dr. Wakefield’s story, as well as the details of his film “Protocol 7,” watch the clip below.

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