Brennan Elliott & Lacey Chabert

Brennan Elliott & Lacey Chabert


Brennan Elliott & Lacey Chabert

After years of requests from fans, Lacey Chabert and Brennan Elliott are finally reuniting for a brand new Hallmark movie. But this one is going to have a twist that sets it apart from the other films.

Chabert & Elliott’s Characters Are Already Married in This Film

The new movie marks Elliott & Chabert’s tenth movie together, according to a Hallmark press release. And in this film, their characters are already married to each other.

The synopsis reads: “Married couple Dana (Chabert) and Mark (Elliott) are high-powered lawyers at two separate New York City law firms. They soon find themselves on opposing sides of a messy divorce between two reality stars, Sammy and Brett. When both clients are unable to compromise, Dana and Mark are headed for a courtroom showdown that results in tensions infiltrating their otherwise happy household.”

The movie’s working title (which might change before it premieres) is “His & Hers,” and the film is slated to premiere during Hallmark’s Fall in Love slate of programming later this year.

Ayse Francis, Director of Programming, Hallmark Media, said in a press statement that it’s been three years since the duo has appeared together in a movie. They’re well known for their “Crossword Mysteries” series that originally aired on Hallmark Mystery and their “All of My Heart” series of movies on the Hallmark Channel.

“This witty and playful romcom will showcase their undeniable chemistry,” Francis said.

Chabert said in a press statement: “A chance to reunite with my dear friend, Brennan Elliot and bringing these stories to the audience together is always such a joyful experience. I hope the fans enjoy these new characters!”

Elliott added, in his own press statement: “I have been so blessed and lucky to have been able to star in 10 films with Lacey Chabert! She is a great friend, and collaborating with her on screen has been one of the most treasured and impactful joys of my career.”

Chabert & Elliott Have Been Hoping to Make Another Movie Together

Chabert and Elliott have been very open about wanting to make another movie together.

Back in 2022, when some fans were talking about Elliott and Chabert on Twitter, Elliott wrote: “I cherish our collaboration more than anything!! Blessed will always work with her and looking forward to many many more projects together. She gets to work with others as do I ,but it’s very special when we work together. Always has been always will be.”

Chabert replied, writing, “I miss working with you so much and I hope we get the chance to work together again very soon! I’m so proud of our nine movies together!”

Elliott tweeted back, “If u only knew luv! Miss our work together too!!!! hopefully we can do thousands of movies together soon. ”

In the same tweet exchange, Elliott also said he’d love to make “50 more” Crossword Mysteries films if he could.

In 2022, Chabert said that out of all of her movies, “All of My Heart” was the series she truly wanted to make a follow-up to, People reported.

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