Chevy Chase's 'Health Has Improved': 'Another Miracle'

Chevy Chase has laughed in the face of death, and now sources exclusively tell Closer the 80-year-old has abandoned old grudges and hopes to happily live another 20 years.

“He can’t afford to get angry and take swipes at people. His blood pressure couldn’t take him carrying on that way,” explains an insider.

In 2021, the Caddyshack actor suffered a near-fatal cardiac crisis, and late last year, the comedy icon fell, badly bruised his knee and was forced to use a wheelchair for months.

“His health has improved, and he doesn’t need the wheelchair as much. Another miracle, he’s smiling and in a cheery mood,” says the source. “He credits his doting wife, Jayni, and other loved ones. He almost died of heart failure. But he recovered and is practically kissing the ground he walks on.

“These days, when someone does or says something he doesn’t like, Chevy doesn’t get mad. He gives a great big hug instead.”

And now that his daughter Emily is pregnant and expecting her first child with her partner, Alex Baglieri, Chase can’t stop bragging about becoming a granddad!

Adds the insider, “He really has changed for the better!”

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