Florida official allegedly stole $100,000 from an elderly woman and blew it on a facelift and new house

An official in Florida is in hot water after she was accused of stealing a 96-year-old woman’s savings and blowing the money on a facelift and new home, according to the Independent.

Regina Hill — an Orlando City commissioner — has been accused by investigators of securing a power of attorney over an unnamed elderly woman. Aside from using the money to get a facelift and purchase a home, she also purchased clothing, car insurance, dental surgery, and a New Year’s Eve stay at a hotel in Miami.

The report mentioned that Hill has also been accused of raking in more than $10,000 worth of debt under the elderly woman’s name. However, Hill has not yet been arrested or charged in the case, but she has been the subject of a state investigation that was kicked off in February 2023.

The authorities reportedly received a tip from one of Hill’s staffers who had been fired. An affidavit indicated that Hill first met the elderly woman in 2021 after learning about her poor living conditions.

Within just a month, Hill had become the woman’s power of attorney, pre-need guardian, and health care surrogate, according to the affidavit. At the time, the woman had $164,000 in her savings account. And while the woman told the authorities that she remembered signing “some sort of document,” she admitted that she did not fully understand the details of the legal papers.

The Independent reported that the elderly woman did not give Hill her consent to use her savings to secure a mortgage for a home.

However, Hill insists that she did nothing wrong. She made the following statement:

It’s unfortunate that I have been thrust into these circumstances with these allegations. Unfortunate not just for me but for (the 96-year-old woman) , whom I’ve loved and cared for like my own family. I trust in God above all things, and I trust in the process. After ten years of service for the City of Orlando, I’ve illustrated my love and compassion for my constituents, my city, and my family. I know the truth; I know I’m entitled to due process, in which I trust, and I will await my day in court to prove my innocence.

The City of Orlando published their own statement, saying: “The City has been made aware of an investigation by FDLE and related civil litigation involving Commissioner Hill. We are not privy to any of the details of that investigation, nor are we involved or named in the litigation.”

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