Glenn’s latest speech will leave you stunned: won't make it

At Jason Whitlock’s “Fearless Army Roll Call 2.0” event, Glenn Beck delivered a speech that caused eyes to well and spines to tingle.

As our country hurdles toward what looks to be impending destruction, we all want to know what we can do to reverse course and restore America to the beacon of hope she once was.

Glenn’s resolution is simple: “Surrender to Jesus Christ.”

Not only will this save our country, but it will also redeem individual lives and break toxic generational cycles.

Sharing a bit from his own tragic past, Glenn revealed that the power of Christ alone was what transformed his life, which was initially defined by alcoholism, suicide, and child abuse, into the one you see him living today.

Likewise, Christ alone is the answer to America’s glaring problems.

“Surrender to Jesus Christ,” Glenn told the Fearless audience. “That’s what our country needs to do.”

In addition to Jesus, however, there’s another person the men in this country would do well to emulate — a person Glenn says he can’t seem to find any dirt on.

“I can find bad things on everybody,” he said, “but I can’t find anything on [George] Washington.”

Washington, like all true heroes, Glenn explained, didn’t strive for fame or glory. In fact, “All the man ever wanted to do was be a farmer at Mount Vernon.”

But despite his wishes, America’s first president was destined for a level of greatness few have since achieved.

What set Washington apart from others? Two things, according to Glenn.

“He wanted to discover what it meant to be a good man,” and “he served his whole life,” he explained, sharing little-known details from Washington’s life, including his first book (written at age 8!), his insecurities, his alleged obsession with ice cream, and above all, examples of his character.

“If it wasn’t for [Washington] and the honor that he built since he was a child, we wouldn’t exist.”

And if we don’t do something about the current godless state of America, our future may not exist, according to Glenn.

“We won’t make it through the next New Year’s if men don’t stand up — men of God and peace — people who understand the full armor of God,” he told the audience.

Whether people want to see it or not, America is already at war. But to win this war, we need a different kind of weapon — “the sword of [God’s] truth — his Word.”

“Why do you think they’re silencing everybody?” Glenn asked. “They are terrified of the truth.”

To hear Glenn’s full speech, watch the clip below; to watch the Roll Call event, head over to

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