Hoda Kotb’s Daughters Are ‘Excited’ to Move to a New Home

Hoda Kotb and her two daughters, Haley and Hope, are looking to have a fresh start in a new home! “She’s been thinking about a move for quite a while,” an insider exclusively tells Closer of the Today host’s big plans.

“The girls are apparently excited, even though Haley was a little sad because she’s already made some close friends in school,” the source adds. “Hope is only 4, so she’s ready for the adventure.”

Hoda, 59, decided that moving is best “for the girls’ future,” with “school being the main factor.” The broadcaster shares her kids with ex-fiancé Joel Schiffman, whom she announced her split from in January 2022.

Hoda first opened up about her decision to move with her daughters during an episode of her “Making Space” podcast on Wednesday, March 27.

“I was thinking about moving. My kids and I are going to move somewhere to a new school, and I was reflecting on my life and how many times we moved when I was a kid,” the journalist said during the episode while chatting with guest Arthur Brooks. “And I remember once my parents moved us to Nigeria, I was in fourth grade, I was horrified. Like, we get to this place, the language was different, everybody seemed different and it was hard. I moved again in sixth grade.”

“It’s so funny because the stories I tell now as an adult, are the stories of how I endured or what I did to cope,” she added. “Yet at the same time, as I’m preparing my kids, I feel like I’m trying to protect them from things that they should probably be into.”

Hoda Kotb moving with her kids
Courtesy of Hoda Kotb/Instagram

During a subsequent episode of Today, Hoda revealed that her new home will still be “in the New York area.” Currently, Hoda owns a home on Long Island, as well as an apartment in New York City. She did not immediately share if she plans on selling either place.

One thing that is for certain is that Hoda loves her Long Island home on the beach, which she refers to as her “happy place.”

“One of my favorite feelings in the world is walking on the beach, putting my hand back without a word and feeling a little hand in mine,” the Hope Is a Rainbow author told People in August 2022. “I want to hold their hands forever.”

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