Is Speaker Mike Johnson REALLY a Conservative?

In 2018, the Daily Beast published an article titled “Meet the Double Agent Who Now Controls House Conservatives,” in reference to now-Speaker Mike Johnson.

The article alleges that Johnson was a “mole” for the House Freedom Caucus to infiltrate the larger Republican congressional groups, and with the way things have been going, Glenn Beck is wondering if there’s a chance the article may have been right.

Christopher Bedford, Blaze Media’s new Washington correspondent and senior politics editor, is not completely sold.

“When he became the new chairman of the Republican Study Committee, a lot of his colleagues, Republican, more liberal colleagues, said, ‘Well, this guy’s just a double agent. He just sneaked on here. He’s pretending to not be a part of the Freedom Caucus, the conservative group, but, really, this is just a conservative takeover.'”

“I looked at that, and I looked at how since he’d become speaker, someone who I had a lot of hope for, you had a lot of hope for. … And it’s been extremely disappointing,” he tells Glenn.

“That might be an understatement,” Glenn laughs.

“The sad reality [is],” Bedford explains, “a lot of these folks are pretty weak as leaders and people.”

“When you’re in the center,” he continues, “and you take all those arrows and all those slings and all those scary SCIF meetings from the intel community, and it’s all on you, you have to answer to that. Well, that’s when you find out who’s really a leader, and who’s just ambitious.”

To hear more of their conversation, watch the clip below.

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