Is the TikTok ban a Trojan horse?

Not only has Florida Governor Ron DeSantis just signed legislation prohibiting children younger than 14 from having any social media, but across all states, the China-owned app TikTok is under attack as well.

While Sara Gonzales agrees across the board that social media is harmful to the development of children as well as damaging to their mental health, she is concerned that this might be a bit of government overreach.

“I have really mixed feelings about this,” Gonzales says. “I do think that children should be away from social media.”

“This feels like a win,” she continues, “but then it’s like, I don’t know, it just feels like an overreach of government.”

Matthew Marsden slightly disagrees.

“For the most part, I’m on the side of the Libertarians, but I don’t think that everything is okay. I don’t think that everything should be allowed,” he explains, noting that his own children go to a school where social media is not allowed.

While Gonzales admits that taking children off social media and getting rid of TikTok is a “win for kids, period,” she is concerned “about how it will be used against us later on in other areas.”

Marsden agrees, especially considering the Democrats have never had Americans’ best interests at heart.

“They clearly do not care about kids. They clearly don’t care about things like the border and anything that is human-based. Like, they say they do, but they don’t,” Marsden says.

“It’s a sad place that we’re at where we look and we say, ‘Well, where are they going with this?’” he adds.

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