Katt Williams appears in hilarious PGA Tour videos

Iconic comedian Katt Williams appeared in a series of official videos for the PGA Tour, serving up both jokes and life lessons.

Williams has made an immeasurable cultural impact in 2024, mostly due to an interview with former NFL player Shannon Sharpe where the comedian shocked audiences with his claims about different celebrities and fellow stand-up comics.

The interview has nearly 70 million views on YouTube alone, with Sharpe revealing that he made more money off the video than the entirety of his NFL career.

With a May 2024 Netflix special, Williams has continued to impact the free speech movement through his successes. The “legend of comedy” partnered with the PGA Tour for several videos that likely wouldn’t have been acceptable in the mainstream just a year ago.

Williams explained at TPC at Sawgrass in Florida how golf teaches life lessons:

“All of the things that I like about life in general are on the golf course,” Williams told the PGA Tour. “Golf requires you to experience all those beautiful things, but then every shot requires you to block all of that out and just focus on the task at hand,” he prophesized.

“You don’t have the opportunity of doing it again. You’re going to do it once, and you’re going to live with how that works out.”

“If you can get that on the golf course, you can translate that everywhere. You could have three magnificent shots in a row, that has no bearing on your ability to three-putt, you can’t afford to be high or low. You have to stay focused, and that translates all the time,” Williams continued.

“A lot of people won’t put it in the water, but you know who will? I will.”

“Golf is this thing where … 18 times they set you up with a challenge and they put obstacles and hazards in the way and you have to try to navigate your way safely and try to do as much as you can. But you learn that if you do more than you can, you can’t do that,” the comedian added.

After his wise remarks, Williams was then seen in subsequent videos making impressive golf shots, and even purposely hitting shots into the water.

“A lot of people won’t put it in the water, but you know who will? I will,” he joked.

During his record-breaking interview, Williams made several statements that appeared to be proven true once they made their rounds online.

He accused comedian Cedric the Entertainer of directly stealing one of his most-famous comedy routines and also called out lesser-known comedian Rickey Smiley for claiming he was the first choice for a role Williams played in Ice Cube’s 2002 movie “Friday After Next.”

An addition to the more provable claims, Williams also claimed that rapper and entrepreneur Diddy wanted to have sex with him on multiple occasions. Less than three months later, Diddy’s properties were raided during investigations from a federal sex trafficking probe.

Williams also made claims about comedian and actor Kevin Hart being an industry “plant” and said Hart was the backup plan for movies that he declined.

“For a five-year period, every single movie that Kevin Hart did was a movie that had been on my desk,” he said. Hart replied to the remarks the next day, indirectly telling Williams, “Gotta get that anger up outcha champ. … It’s honestly sad.”

Williams also described an offer that he and rapper/actor Ludacris allegedly received from the “illuminati” to get $200 million to do 20 movies, implying Ludacris accepted the offer to do the “Fast and the Furious” movies.

“It was so laughable — what he said — to me, I couldn’t believe what he was saying,” Ludacris told radio hosts from “The Breakfast Club.”

“I took it as laughable because he’s a comedian, and that’s why I kind of responded with some laughable stuff.”

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