Muslim girls at Minnesota elementary school beat up 9-year-old former friend because she 'wasn't Muslim,' mom says

A Minnesota mother is outraged after her daughter had allegedly been attacked by a group of Muslim girls “because of her race and her religion.”

The alleged assault occurred on April 29 at Hidden Valley Elementary in Savage, Minnesota, about 20 miles south of Minneapolis. The victim’s mother, Shawna Larson, told Alpha News that on that day, a group of Muslim girls, who “had been friends” with her daughter “all year long,” suddenly walked up to her daughter on the playground and slugged her in the face.

‘This isn’t just happening to my daughter. This is happening to hundreds, thousands of kids all over the country, and it’s the lack of consequences kids have nowadays to their actions that is creating bigger issues in schools.’

“They pulled her hair, pulled her down by her hair, and started punching her and kicking her,” Larson alleged. When Larson’s daughter attempted to defend herself, the girls allegedly told her that if she tried to hurt them that they would hurt themselves and blame their injuries on her. The girls also allegedly told Larson’s daughter that they could no longer be friends with her.

Larson claimed she first heard about the alleged attack after school that day when the school principal and her daughter’s teacher approached her vehicle. The principal and teacher reportedly told Larson that her daughter, who was standing next to them with a black eye, had been the innocent victim of an attack.

“They wanted to make it very apparent that my daughter didn’t do anything to cause this, and they told me this was a calculated incident and that she had been attacked on the playground by four other students in her grade,” Larson explained. She claimed she learned later that her daughter had been targeted because “of her race and her religion,” presumed to be Christianity.

Larson added that she and her family did not know the extent of the girl’s injuries until the following day when the girl’s stepfather noticed that in addition to the black eye, the girl had bruises all over her arms, legs, and back. He took photos to document them. School surveillance cameras also reportedly captured the moment the Muslim girls punched Larson’s daughter in the face to initiate the attack, but then the girls and the victim ran outside the camera’s range.

Despite the overwhelming evidence of an assault and the school’s reported admission that the girl had been the victim of “calculated” violence, the school had yet to report the incident to police. So, Larson took matters into her own hands and reported it. Larson said she understood “the lack of action” on the school’s part to an extent because schools have “their own rules and their own laws that they have to follow,” but she wants justice for her daughter and others like her.

“This isn’t just happening to my daughter. This is happening to hundreds, thousands of kids all over the country, and it’s the lack of consequences kids have nowadays to their actions that is creating bigger issues in schools,” Larson claimed.

The Savage Police Department told Alpha News that the incident is under investigation.

The Burnsville-Eagan-Savage School District gave Alpha News the following statement: “We can’t share any private data about students, including specifics about student behavior or discipline. Student and staff safety is our top priority, and we take any incident that could endanger others very seriously. We’re committed to working with families as we do that, and as always, we follow our established policies and procedures when it comes to student behavior, which are outlined in the board-approved student handbook.”

Larson’s daughter has opted to switch classes for the remainder of the year. According to Larson, the assailants continued to attend school as usual and were “never suspended or expelled or … redirected to distance learning.”

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